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Pls Help-7 Kittens & No Milk!!!!!

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My cat had her second litter of cats Mon. I just noticed she has no milk!?!? I called the vets and they said to supplement, but that's about all they said. I can't afford to buy formula for 7 kittens, it's outrageous. We do have access to some infant formula, anyone got any ideas. Also we have some puppy formula and I thought about diluting it. I have some now, but I can't get them to nurse the pet bottle. Don't know what to do. Anyone got any experience here?
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We had kittens that had to be syringe feed through a tube because mama had no milk. The vet provided the tube and syringe and told us how far to insert the tube to get it in their stomach. We used kitten formula. I'm sure you can use goat milk but not sure what other alternatives exist. Also you may have to stimulate them to potty if the mom doesn't. I always used a moist paper towel and wiped gently until they went.
is there any way yo ucan exchange the puppy forumla for some kitten formula at a feed store or the vets office?
I have had to bottle feed 2 kittens that were left by their mother. I successfully bottle fed them. I have also bottle fed for the cat rescue. This is what I did. I do not know anyway around it. I think you need Kitten Formula. I personally would not take my chances of the unknown. If they will not take the bottle then try a syringe. I usually come from the side of their mouth and push the syringe.

I weigh them to see if they are gaining and follow the directions on how much to feed. I use cotton balls with warm water to stimulate them into using the potty.

Maybe try another vet or try calling a local cat rescue. They may be able to help you.
I would go to every petco, petsmart, or whatever other pet stores near you that supply kitten formula and explain the situation, you might get an animal lover who is willing to donate it to you. I bottle fed my older kitty as he got taken from mom too soon-it's SO hard! it was like having a newborn, had to wake up in the middle of the night etc. good luck to you.
Google- homemade kitten formula..... I used to work at a vet clinic years ago and I can remember a recipe we gave people who could not afford the formula. I remember that it called for corn syrup but I can't remember anything else.
Call the local SPCA and they will arrange for the kittens to be fostered and to be supplemented with kitten formula.

It's extremely difficult nursing even one orphaned kitten. When very young, it means getting up all night long for round the clock feedings. Too much for one person to deal with, much less a mom.

Let some loving animal rescue volunteers help these kittens. It's what they love to do and are good at.
Thank you all soooooo much!! I compared the puppy formula to kitty formula. It has higher protein content is all, so I'm diluting it and using it unless or until I can find something else. Right now they are barely taking anything. I can't get them to eat from the bottle and when I feed them from the syringe, which is 3cc's, they only take just about 1/4 or 1/2 of it. I wonder if I should try and feed them about 1 time an hour until they up their intake. They are nursing like crazy on the mom though. Do you think it would be easier to just take them away from her? She is freakin' out anyway b/c we are taking them and putting them back. I think she is starting to not want to take care of them like she was but I have to feed them. I hope they don't die but I just don't see how this will work. I am already exhausted and its only been a few hours. We have 4 children and it's Spring Break to boot. I will try to call some more vets in the am and see if someone will donate services for weighing while we are at this critical stage. I simply cannot afford vet bills right now as my kids have all been ill generating extra medical bills. Again, thanks so much for the advice and if anyone can tell me anything more I would greatly appreciate it. I wish I could get them to eat better.
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no, definitely don't take them away from her! they need their mom even if she has no milk. take them away as briefly and rarely as possible. I think every 2-3 hrs should be fine. yes, she might get pissed off to the point she rejects them, but don't make that decision yourself. baby kittens need their moms as much as baby humans do. re: the puppy formula vs. kitten formula- I know there is one thing cats need specifically, which is taurine. not sure how much of it kittens need though.
my cat hated the bottle, we basically were squeezing it down his throat and force feeding him. he only latched on and suckled once. I know you don't have a ton of time on your hands, but if you could find some stuffed animal no one cares about, you could try cutting it, stuffing the bottle into it so only the nipple sticks out, and see if they like that better- more like a real cat.
just do the best you can, but like a pp said, even one kitten is a full time job, it's likely fostering them out is their best chance.

btw, I'm not doubting you, just wondering, how can you tell when a cat has no milk?
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About how I can tell a cat has no milk-Think about all the cat's you've seen in your lifetime who are nursing. You can recall how full the breast look, right. Normally a cat's breast are not full or raised unless she is nursing kittens. My cat has nothing. No knots under her nipples. Full breast are round, firm, and warm. She has nothing at all!!! I'm not sure what caused this, however, I did consult with about 6 vets over the phone just to make sure that she couldn't have milk with flat breast.

The kittens made it through the night. This morning they each took about 3cc's each!! That's really good b/c they will need to take that much 11 times a day to thrive. Before they were only taking about 1cc. I'm going to see how the next feeding goes and I have located someone with nursing kittens who will take 2 and see if her cat will accept them!!!! I'm going to give her the smallest ones. I've been up all night every 2 hrs feeding them and it's time again so I'll let you know how it goes. Also, don't know if we have a local SPCA? If someone has time to look it up for me OL it would be greatly appreciated. I'm in western Kentucky.
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I have only seen one cat nurse and for some reason I didn't notice how the nipples looked, I was paying more attention to the cuteness of the kittens at the that's the only reason I asked, like I said, I don't doubt you. I mean I think you'd be able to tell anyways b/c the kittens are probably contantly hungry.
that's great that they took more! I found this link for you
The kittens are still alive! They are gaining weight and growing as well. I am taking 2 of them to be fostered by a mother with a small litter of her own today. Wish them well. I hope it works out b/c I'm pooped. Between ds and the kittens I don't get much sleep. They are 4 days old today and I hope that they continue to thrive. The mother is still caring for them and I hope she continues to do that as well.
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