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does anyone have any recommendations? (i am allergic) i found an organic shampoo, but other than that i am at a loss. i sat in the aisle at whole foods one day looking at ingredients lists. i won't say i looked at every thing there, but i was so frustrated i could have screamed after the 30 minutes i spent.

i would love to buy some makeup or bath soap (i have to use ivory or the purpose gentle cleansing bar or the neutrogena gentle cleansing bar for my sensitive skin, i can't even use dove) i also am looking to find hand soaps with no aloe as well

thanks for reading

also no heavy floral scents would be a plus--sometimes they trigger sneezing or asthma attacks.
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For soaps, you can try anything that is made of olive oil, which people are rarely allergic to. It's also non-comedogenic. Olive oil soaps are called castille soaps, so you can try any bars of that.

I find it odd that you can't use Dove sensitive (not Dove unscented, that's different) and have to use Ivory instead. I find Ivory incredibly drying and has inferior ingredients than Dove. Note that the Dove unscented has masking fragrances and has the regular ingredients of the other Dove soaps. The Dove sensitive, however, has zero fragrances and has a different set of ingredients (all non-irritating and hypo-allergenic) than other soaps.

At any rate, try soaps that are gentle enough for babies, and perhaps have non-allergenic, hypo-allergenic, and/or non-comedogenic on it. A lot of people here swear by Dr. Bronner's soaps. The bottled kind seems okay-priced to me, but the soap bars, I think are outrageous for almost $4 a pop. You can buy the bottled liquid Dr.Bronners and use it for a lot of things around the house, including for showering and as a hand soap. If you'd like to put a little bit of scent in it, you can drop a few drops of essential oil in it.

I have asthma and allergies and for some reason, I don't have any bad reactions to essential oils at all. No contact dermatitis, no sneezing, no chest tightness or wheezing. You can buy something like a lavender oil, which is mild enough for babies, and drop a drop on the inside of your arm and wait a day. If you have a reaction, give the bottle of essential oil to a friend. Otherwise, you can enjoy the essential oil's many benefits, including scenting your non-allergenic products.

You can buy castille soap from homemade soapmakers at home for a fraction of the price. You'll be thrilled to find that there are castille soaps made with zero colors, scents, and harsh ingredients.

As for other basics, a lot of us have ditched commercial shampoo and use baking soda and apple cider vinegar to cleanse our hair. You can also use baking soda for your laundry instead of detergent - sites recommend that for allergy sufferers and is safe for babies and pets too. I have felt SO much better since switching to baking soda, vinegar, and essential oils for cleaning. I'll use Ajax and a few other products, but I don't use them as often now (and only for toilets).

Here are some links that may help you:
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Have you tried Dr. Bronner's? It is a castile soap that comes in liquid and bar. (The bars seem pricy, but the liquid lasts a long time, especially if you dilute it.)

We usually use the mint "flavor", but it comes in unscented ("Baby Mild", I think it's called). You can scent the Baby Mild with any EOs that you like and tolerate well.

You might look here at MDC for threads dealing with "no-poo" or natural skin care - there have been lots of discussions about these subjects.

You might try to find a book called Totally Natural Beauty, by Nona Aguillar (pulling that from memory, not sure I spelled it right). It is out of print, but a really wonderful reference for natural skin, hair and body care. I've been using the recipes (and variations on them) from that book for about 25 years, with very good results. I don't think any of the recipes called for aloe.

Hope that helps. PM me if you want - I'll send you some of the recipes from that book.
Does the Oil of Olay for Sensitive Skin have aloe in it?

I go with that because so many soaps that are recommended for those of us with allergy and sensitive skin issues contain Lanolin, which is an allergen for me.
I use Oil of Olay Sensitive with spf 15 too!
ivory is very drying (eczema) but dove, oil of olay & give me hives--all over! i have to watch a lot of sensitive skin products because of hives. the baby stuff isn't as bad but makes me sneeze! lol. thanks for the recommendations. i tried an sensitive skin deodorant one time that gave me hives from my elbows to my hips--i tried someone of the natural stuff, but wow--the kids were telling me how much i stink when i broke a sweat--only rarely, but when i do, it's toxic. i have to use the crap the dermatologist recommended!

my sister just got me powder & foundation for dress up nights (i wear it maybe 6 times a year)! my mom's boss told her what to get!

next time i go to my mom's i think i would love to see her boss professionally--she's a dermatologist, but she's very green, she has mom making up homemade remedies and i used to see her in high school for skin stuff and she won't do cosmetic recommendations for mole removal and stuff, so some people hate her. but that recommends her all the more to me! i just hate ask her so many questions on a freebie basis, even though i know she wouldn't mind. i think i will try hunting up that book too.
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Darn! Wish my suggestion had been helpful for you.

If the dermatologist you know is just building up her practice, the word-of-mouth advertising she'd get from helping you could be very good for her. Define "dermatologist" in this context please. I'm having trouble seeing a doctor who's been through extra schooling to specialise having someone she knows making homemade treatments.

the best thing about help online through posts, is the ability to cut & paste & print! less chance of forgetting!
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