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Pls help - need solution for obsessive nursing & all night pacifying

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I'm really hoping someone can help me with this. I'm 9 weeks pregnant and my 18 month old DD is still BF'ing. I was hoping to BF her through this pregnancy & then tandem nurse. She's always been a frequent nurser and has just recently started eating more solids. For some reason for the last 4-5 weeks she's become obsessive with nursing. She nurses 2-3 times/hour. Sometimes she's on for a few minutes, sometimes it's 15 minutes. If I tell her that "nummies went bye bye" or something along those lines, she pitches a horrific screaming fit. Yesterday I nursed her, then drove 10 minutes to a store to run an errand, and the minute we got in the store she screamed "NUMMIES" at the top of her lungs until I nursed her. My BBs are getting so sore.

The other problem is she's also become an all night pacifier. We co-sleep so I rock her down to sleep, hold her in my lap in a recliner, go upstairs about an hour later and then anywhere from that moment to a few hours later she starts pacifying. She says, "Num, num, please mommy, num" and if I don't let her nurse she fully wakes up and cries and screams and is almost impossible to get back down. She'll pacify 2 times every 30-60 minutes ALL night long. I'm getting no sleep at all and I'm exhausted.

I really want to keep nursing her but I can't keep up at this pace. Does anyone have any ideas re what I can do? Also, why would she be doing this now? I thought that when women got pregnant the nursing usually decreased somewhat. She is getting some new molars, but this has been going on for 4-5 weeks. I'm to the point now that I dread going to bed and I am stressed about spending our days together. I know that's an awful thing to say and I feel so guilty for feeling this way. Does anyone have any advice? TIA!
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i am right there with ya! my ds is 17 months, has always been a frequent nurser, and it is getting worse. i am 12 weeks pg. we are going through everything you described.

i do think his increased nursing is because of molars. he rubs and grabs at his face like his sinuses and gums hurt. the 2 year molars can take a really really long time to come in
ds asks for teething tablets during the day, but i haven't tried them before bed yet. have you ever used them? we use Hylands brand.

i also think my milk is starting to decrease, which would explain why he wants to nurse 20 minutes after he did last.

i am sorry i don't have a solution for you.
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"How many more sips do you want? "

The answer is usualy 3-5 (per side). Give the sips, then you get to rest a little while! THis gives some control to the child, letting them decide how many. If things get too rough, there is always the band-aid trick: " This side is hurt, you only get 5 sips"

We moved DS out of the "big bed" due to me getting no rest. It took 1) bedtime routine with 2 books read to him. 2) DS picked out his own bed (not a crib) 3) a nightlight 4) husband put DS to sleep every night, for more than a month. In the morning, he comes to visit us in the "big bed". And I am no longer a zombee!

best regards, sleeplessmommy
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