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Plus size/large chested/newbie with q's!

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With my twins, I used a mayawrap for a while, but I just couldn't get comfy with it. With #3 I didn't know much better so I used a snugli or a bjorn or something

Now I am pregnant with #4 and feel like a babywearing newbie. I am in a very mainstream town where everyone uses bjorns -- today I actually saw a mama using an Ergo and I totally accosted her. She had a 6 month old in it with an insert and totally raved about it. However, I've read some of the threads on here that Ergos aren't that great for plus-sized/big boobed mamas, plus can you use them with a newborn?

I have no problem buying a few slings, provided I'll actually use them!

So tell me, keeping in mind that I am plus-sized and have plus-sized boobies:

Please recommend a good newborn carrier?

And a carrier for when the baby is a little bigger?

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i am a BIG mama and i love my moby it adjust to MY size and i just tie it in the back where smaller moms can bring it to the front to tie...i love it...just my opinion
I am plus size with ample boobage plus I have scoliosis and a spine fusion with a rod in my back so I'm super sensitive when it comes to babywearing. I love my moby wrap best and my next favorite is my padded maya wrap sling. I also have a plus sized Mai Tai that is great, especially for the first few months. It's from

Good luck!
Your best bet would probably be a mei tai or a wrap. They are more adjustable for those of us with lots of curves. Kozy and Babyhawk both make mei tais with extra long straps, as do a few others. A wrap comes in many different lengths and is infinitely adjustable. Check out for more info on these and how to use them. Good luck!
I am plus-sized (size 18 - 20 before pregnancy, a little bigger now), and wear a 44E bra. I've been surprised at how much I like my Hotsling -- it's just so easy to pop the baby in and out of, and comfortable on my neck and shoulder. It's not something I could wear all day, but for running errands and doing chores around the house, it seems to be the sling I reach for the most often. I've been surprised -- I wasn't expecting to like it as much as I do since it's not adjustable. I think getting the right size is important -- I wear a 7, if that helps you at all. Good luck!
i'm 6' 210lb and love my hotsling and babyhawk MT but i would sugget the longer straps on the MT.... the hotsing is easy to size they have an awesome size calculator on their site
I have no problem with my Ergo. However I have only had it about a month so I didn't use it when DS was a little baby. They do have an infant insert and claim it can be used for newborns. I started using it when DS was three months. I could have used the insert but I would have only needed it for a couple weeks so I just put one let in and one let out.. or had both his legs in. He can now sit in it properly. Just buy the waist extender strap and you should be good to go.

Oh and find a store that carries them so you can try it on first.
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I'm not plus sized right now, but I was after I had my second and I have big boobs. I used a ring sling (with a different shoulder piece than a maya) and it was fine.

My friends that are plus sized w/ big boobs like mei tai carriers the best.
I'm a size 26 and had a mei thai made from babyhawk that works SO great. I love it.
I'm, I don't know, probably a 22 or 24 right now and wear a 38J. I HATE the Ergo because it doesn't fit me right (DH loves it) and prefer my mei tai or ring sling.
You could do a properly sized pouch, a ring sling with a different type of shoulder (Maya Wraps are definitely better for the sharp-angled shouldered ones among us - try something with a gathered or fanned shoulder), a mei tai (some women don't like how the mei tai straps look tied around their waists, but you have so many tying options), or, and this my suggestion, a good wrap, stretchy for the newborn stage, later a good woven.

There isn't THAT much one does differently for babywearing when one is plus sized or bountifully breasted, but there are ways to make it better or worse for you.
Ooh, babywearing with a great system is just SO cool!
And, I'm just so excited #4 is on the way for you!

Okay, so I'm not plus sized now, but I was before/after with my first babe. I really agree with the stretchy wrap or a well fitted stretchy pouch. With a mid-oct babe, I think this would be my sling protocol:

-Kangaroo Korner Adjustable Fleece Pouch (KKAFP) The Fleece makes it warm & nice and streeeetchy. They have 25% off sale right NOW which is really rare for them (with select fabrics). The KKAFP is just a great pouch that adjusts to help fit over a bulky sweater or weight changes.

- Moby Wrap I LOVE this wrap. It's super stretchy and totally comfortable. It's one size, so if you stalk the TP here long enough, you'll probably find a used one for $20.

And, if Sling Set was still around I'd rec that, instead of KKAFP, just because it's cool and stretchy.
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