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Don't even get me started on this LOL
Plus sized clothes seem to almost all fal into two categories now- Junior Plus (which are made for the teeny bopper crowd, and cut way smaller than women's plus)
and Old Lady Ugly
Lane Bryant is the only plus sized store that offers a good selection of flattering, semi-fitted plus sized clothing IMHO
fortunately (or unfortunately) I have lost some weight and can no longer fit into the tops from Lane Bryant (even though I am well into their bottom sizes still) and am now in the hell of "between sizes" shirts.
I really wish someone would come up with a line of women's shirts made for women with large breasts. I don't want to wear a tent, but most thigns fitted do not fit my F cup chest.
Oh and I agree about the width of shoes, too. I have to special order extra wide shoes, now. There are some cute styles available, but not many. And they are expensive.
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