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If you think it's hard to find wide shoes, try looking for narrow shoes! LONG SKINNY (especially in the heel) feet run in my family, and my mom used to break down and take us to Naturalizer just to get a proper fit because they actually carried shoes that fit.
And I've noticed that if you're size 9 or above you get half or less the variety in shoes as well.

It really is sad. My sister's best friend has a daughter who's overweight and has some serious body image issues. They also have a terrible time finding clothes for her, because she wants to dress like a teenager, not a frump, and she wears a 16 or 18, something like that.

Then I was telling my dad about how I lost weight and feel like a frump because my clothes are all too big and fit me like sacks, my jeans are loose, etc. So he has me try on some jeans that were sitting in his laundry room, prolly castoffs from his wife, who is rather petite.

They were size 9/10. Gee, thanks for making me feel fat again dad.
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