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I have a size 20 wedding dress that I wore last november when I was 7 months pregnant, so the belly area is let out quite a bit. I am 5'7" and weighed about 180lbs when I wore this dress.

It has not been cleaned so there is some dirt around the bottom.
I don't have great photos of it right now but here is link to two photos of me in it. One to show the buttons down the back, and one full length.
here in clothing album

The dress is floor length with a zippered back with buttons on the zippered area( they are just for looks, they don't button)
There is embriodery aound the neckline and sleeves. It doesn't have a long train and it has hooks to put up the back in a bustle.

It is very simple but elegant. It was originally $850. I will sell it for $100plus shipping with insurance and delivery conf.

I just want it out of my moms closet and on to someone who could use it. I don't want to pay to clean it when I'm never going to wear it again anyway.

If you are truly interested and want more detailed photos let me know. Thanks, Corrie
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