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I was wondering if any mama's here have PMDD? How to you treat it? I've wondered about it for a few years since I first heard the term. I get severe PMS a day or 2 before ovulation and it stays still AF starts then wham! The day AF starts I feel great again! But I spend at least 2 weeks out of the month feeling like i'm some kinda monster and not a good mom imo and something needs to be done. I know SSRI's are an option but i've read some serious horror stories and i'm afraid to go that route.
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Wow, really old post. Yes I found something that works, we found out my body has a chronic magnesium deficiency due to malabsorption so I take 300mg 2x day and it works wonders
I just buy the OTC stuff or get it mixed in with my Calcium Citrate
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Hmmm..... I'll give that a try, just on the off chance.... thanks!

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