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Pocket diaper as a cover?

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Has anyone ever used Happy Heinys or Fuzzi Bunz pocket diapers as covers over fitteds? Some of the companies claim they make good covers as well without the insert, but I wanted to see if anyone has done this with success. And if you have, are there any fitteds that would just NOT fit under these? Thanks!
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Those particualar pocket dipes never fit either of my cded babies well. But, I have used other pocket dipes as covers over trifolded prefolds and it worked well.

using our Swaddlebees front aplix and Bum Genius with a trifolded prefold.

I prefer to have natural fibers against ds's skin....but I love the fit of pockets.

I get the best of both worlds this way.
Oh yeah, and if the pocket is just slightly damp I hang it and reuse it again too.

(I have never used a pocket over a fitted).
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