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pocket diapers sold without inserts?

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I'm wondering if anyone knows of pocket one size diapers with snaps that are sold without inserts. I'm looking to reuse my inserts with a snap pocket diaper. My my BumGenius 2.0's with velcro just aren't holding up.


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Hmm, second quality diapers are usually sold without inserts, would those be an option for you? Or some online stores sell gently used dipes (often those that have a "diaper trial" option) and those may be less expensive and not have an insert.

How about the Fuzzi Bunz seconds store? (not sure if they have the one size on there, but they should, right?) Or Cloth Diaper Outlet (they have Kickernappies OS). Or here's a place called Cloth Diaper Clearance.
Baby Kangas are generally sold without inserts. you can buy them online of you can't find a store near you.
Sorry I don't personally know of any sold without inserts. I do love rumparooz snapping diapers though. and fuzzi bunz have snaps too I think.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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