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Pocket Dipe v Fleece Liner

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Does a fleece liner provide the same dry feeling as a pocket diaper?


(Ohh, and if pocket diapers are superior, please spam me with your favorite trim pocker diaper recommendation!)
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kinda.... a fleece liner will keep your baby dry in the middle, right where the liner is, but around the tabs on the side of the diaper, they might still get wet. not a really big deal, but if you're looking for a cheap way to "convert" your current diapers to a stay-dry diaper is by using a little fleece liner...

i love my fuzzi bunz with a contoured hemp insert during the day and a hemp trifold at night. i make some of my own. they're really easy to make with a serger.

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A fleece liner is a good thing, but a fleeced lined diaper (fitted, pocket and so on) is even better since all of babys bottom stays dry instead of just the oval strip.
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I think that the pocket dipes stay drier, so I'll spam you with my favorite:

She is closed to orders now, but should open an instock store Nov. 1. Harleyz Dipeez are extremly trim and fit better under clothing then any other. When you see them, they look small, but that is because they are so skinny in between the thighs. The amazing part is that they still keep my daughter dry!

My 2nd favorite is Happy Heinys. They are bigger, but are really nice and I love them esp over nights!

Just my $.02!
So, other than the size of the fleece, there is nothing magically different from a liner and pocket dipe? I mostly use liners that are hemp, topped with fleece, so I wasn't sure if the fact that the fleece is sewn onto the doubler would make DD feel the wetness more than if they weren't sewn together, if that makes any sense at all.

I have a bunch of fleece lying around, so I'll just cut out some to fit the whole diaper. Thanks, mamas!
I use fleece liners cut to cover the whole inside of the diaper, and like them a whole lot! I used my first pocket diaper (a HH) this last week, and while it was pretty nifty, I don't think it was nifty enough to get me running around saying "these are THE ANSWER!!!", yk? So if you've got nice diapers already, definitely make use of your stash of fleece & cut some shaped liners.
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