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pocket fitteds

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I am on a neverending quest for a good nighttime diaper. My ds drinks water all night so he soaks thru everything.
I was wondering if a hemp pocket fitted w/wool would be a good idea since I can add to it as needed.
Are Happy Hempys any good? I think I had one of the originals w/o fleece and I found that it ran small. Has anyone else noticed this? Are the new fleece lined ones any good?
Any diaper recommendations are appreciated
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Pocket fitteds are our nighttime dipes. We use Harleyz hemp, FCB envelopes (well, envelope b/c we have only 1), Schnoogly UNDers and a HUGE Litte Rain Dancers fleece pocket. And we cover the dipe with whatever wool will fit! It works great as a nighttime system. Ian nurses all night, so we're in basically the same situation that you are. I've never used Happy Hempys, sorry.
Beefy hemp is the only thing that gets Moose through too. I'm on the same search, the first couple we tried just didn't fit Moose's shape well. The absorbancy on the firefly nightlight rocked, again, the fit was off.
Thanks, I'll check out some of those dipes.
I have tried the firefly sleeptight, but we had serious gaping at the legs.

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All we use at night are Harleyz hemp fitteds under wool! I can use the same size diaper on both of my girls, and stuff them like you wouldn't believe!
I vote Harleyz hemp pocketz ... I only have one but love it! Plus, with it I never get stink because it washes basically like a flat (the pocket is perfect for making sure it gets clean in and out). My 23lb 18 month old can fit in the m/l with the cross-over tab completely crossed-over. So, unless he has a major growth spurt, I know he'll be wearing it through p/l'ing.
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it's not a pocket, but i've heard really good things about the VB simply nights dipes. I've already got 4 nightlights for my son, but next time she opens up I am thinking of getting one so I can weigh in

A friend of mine bought 2 NLs though (a fcb and a LC) and prefers the simply nights over them
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