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pocket-guide to common homeopathic treatments

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I'm trying to build a few natural first-aid kits to keep in the car and a few other places so we have access to them when we are out and about. Is there a small publication or pocket guide that I can buy that lists the most common injuries/ailments and the suggested remedys?

I usually just jump online when I'm home but that's obviously not an option when we are out camping or hiking. I am looking for something not too detailed and small/lightweight. I'd probably try to compile my own but do not have the time or drive to do so.

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A friend of mine- Lemon Juice- just emailed this to me-

ACONITE- High fever, sudden onset, dry fever, restless croup
ANTIMONIUM TARTARICUM- loose, rattly cough
ARNICA- bruises,contusion,sprain-first thing to do in head trauma
BELLADONNA-high fever,sudden onset,more delirious,hallucinations
CHAMOMILLA-high fever,irritable,inconsolabl; ie:teething,earache
CHINA-flu with fatigue,relapsing fever,aches,chills,malodorous diarrhea
EUPATORIUM-flu with bone pain restlessness,severe headache,thirsty
FERRUM PHOS-early stages of cold,pale with flush on top, sensitive/irritable
GELSEMIUM- flu with fatigue,lethargy,apathy,dullness,not thirsty
HEPAR SULPHURICUM-colored discharge,yellow or green,irritable,fussy
HYPERICUM-nerve pain: toothache or tooth injury,also fingers in the car door, etc MERCURIOUS VIVUS-sore throat,tonsillitis,with bad breath,coated,rufled tongue OSCILLOCOCCINUM-generic flu prevention, before the flu
PULSATILLA-fevers,colds,earache,when acting unusually mild,gentle,weepy
RUTA-sprains SPONGIA-wheezing asthma
All remedies can be used in the 12c or 30c potency. Dosing is 3-4 pellets, frequency depends on severity and acuteness of symptoms. **Oscillococcinum dose is 10-15 of the small pellets-not the whole vial.

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Here is a link that should be helpful.
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