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Pocket Inserts

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After resisting for almost a year I gave in and tried a Knickernappies Disposanot. Well, I now have six of them and while they are great, I have found that I don't really like stuffing them with something that folds. So what sort of inserts that don't require folding do you like? I know about Joey Bunz but am wondering what else is out there.

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I don't know much about the Knickernappies but I use MOE Microeterry inserts in my FBs. Very absorbant and don't take forever and a day to dry.
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i love the babykicks hemparoos. i like happy heineys stuffins too - but only in happy heineys

lol The Harleyz Pocket Palz insert is perfect for my Disposanot. It fold in half but none of this tri-folding or quarter-folding stuff. It's great!

Nathan's wearing it in this picture:
i second the mother of eden microterry inserts
Yet another person who LOVES Mother of Eden microterry inserts! I just found out my local diaper lady sells them and you can ask her if there are any discount specials right now. I'm so excited that I won't have to wait for my inserts to come in the mail! woohoo! It's great having a local WAHM.
Oh, the link is ...and no, I am not related to her or work for her...I just like her stuff! lol.

If I had known about MOE inserts when i first started using pockets, I probably would not have sold all but 2 of my pockets. rofl.

I don't know if they'll fit but you could always try wonder fulls or the jamtots doublers.
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