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Pod casts for 4 year olds?

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OK, this may seem like an odd post, particularly on Mothering, but I AM actually looking for a pod past of stories for young children..I have downloaded a few audiobooks (the napping house, blueberries for Sal..there are some good ones..) from iTunes on my iPod for DD to listen to in the car/plane on long trips...Sometimes she follows along if we have the book, and I guess I see this as a good alternative to watching DVDs in the car/ plane. Anyway, the audiobooks can get pricey, so I looked for some podcasts and found one called the Storyhome which is this guy reading stories that he has written or adapted (he has a nice voice, but the stories are too advanced socially for a 4 year old - quite a few violent or inapproriate messages, i thought) I thought I would see if any one out there had any experience with this...
Thanks in advance!
Lisa in Balto...
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I don't know if Sesame street interests you...but I have a few of those
We like some from the discovery channel
Storynory has some good free ones.
I like Sesame Street podcast, 4 might be too old (my 3 year old loves it though). They Might Be Giants had a podcast for kids, you can still get these through the Zune software I think. Also NASA has some nice HD video podcasts, certainly topically appropriate and occasionally very beautiful but they run a bit boring. I have also seen some podcasts about lions and marine life from Be careful with some of these (esp the lions), I am a bit squeamish about the prey scenes, I know I saw one I'd rather not have had my 2 year old daughter watching. Try the Zune software, it allows you to browse by genre for video podcasts so you can find stuff to download.
Thanks all for the replies..will definitely check them out,
Lisa in Balto
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