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Poison ivy/oak

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I think i got it. I can't tell. But I'm itching like crazy after camping. We went Saturday and I started itching Tuesday night. I read that it can take 48 hours. I have it all over including my breasts.
I'm sure if DD was exposed she would have been exposed to it when I first got it. But I'm not sure if she can get it. I don't think she can but I want to be sure. I'm still nursing her at the breast. Also I was told that if you get it near a mucos membrane, you should go to a doctor just in case you get an infection inside your body. Does this count for milk ducts. My areola doesn't itch. Just around it. But DD plays with my breast while nursing. Should we both be treated? Should I pump? She doesn't take a bottle too well. Actually at all.
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