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Poison ivy/oak?

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My brother and sister both have poisonoak or poison ivy. Not sue which. My brother has been scratching (my parents keep getting after him) and now one of his ankles is starting to swell and it has a discharge. Is there something they can do to help get rid of this faster?
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I have a cure! But you have to follow it exactly. It is so simple but it works.

Put the affected area under really warm water, as warm as you can stand it, for only so long until it starts to itch severely. Maybe 15 seconds. Then take it away. Let it air dry. It will immediately stop itching.

Repeat every time it starts to itch.

You have to do it maybe 50 times the first day. But by the end of the day it is drying out. The next day you will see it is much better. Do it as long as it takes. Usually 3 days and it's pretty much gone by then. Keep it up even in small areas. It works!

Pm me with the results, I really want to know.
I get very severe PI. Have had to have cortisone shots twice because I'm so allergic. This is my treatment for if it starts to weep:
Rub the area with rubbing alcohol to help dry it out. Do this a couple times a day, not too often though or it will dry the skin out too much and itch even more. I usually do it morn before work, afternoon after work, and before bed. After wiping down with rubbing alcohol, wrap in clean, dry gauze. Then I usually wrap this up with an ace bandage or a sock with the toe cut off. This is gross, but here's why it works (for me at least): the pus, ooze whatever ya want to call it, forms a crust in the gauze, but doesn't keep breaking open and oozing which itches like the dickens. It keeps it clean and dry. Not the most natural, but it works for me even with my worst PI. And trust me, I have a lot of experience. I have been in landscaping for the last seven years and I usually stop counting the number of times I get PI each year when it hits about a dozen. Oh yeah, and when removing the gauze, they'll want to run warm water over it to soften up the crustiness.
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I get poison oak/ivy really bad & the Hyland's Poison Oak/Ivy tablets always work great for me!
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