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Poisonous Snakes

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To you mamas who live in the country:

If you see a poisonous snake near where your child might play, do you shoot it?

We have a gently black king snake that lives under our shop that we love to talk to, look at etc. but yesterday, when a big old copperhead was coiled up where I pick berries, I really wanted to blow its head off with the shotgun!

It wasn't botherin' us, so we left it alone, but it really wiggged me out! (And my husband wasn't here to shoot it and I was holding a baby)
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Poisonous snakes will get their heads chopped off for sure if they are around where my child plays.

I was going to post a similar question today because I see snakes occasionally and was wondering about others experiences.

I saw one yesterday when I moved the dog house but it was what I call a garden snake. A small brown one. I like those because they eat insects and are not harmful. I just leave them alone.

BUT...the other day when I went to the compost pile I turned around and there was a large copperhead. I walked around it, went and got my hoe, and literally chased it until I chopped it's head off. It was over 2 feet long!

An old farmer friend of mine said that copperheads don't jump at you. They will lay there waiting, ready to bite. He mowed my my grass and said that he found it's mate behind the washhouse and ran over it with the lawnmower.

So...I leave the nice snakes alone, but I will chop heads off of copperheads! I felt bad about it though. Really I did because I don't like to do things like that at all.
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