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Poking my head in with a couple questions

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Hi. One of my friends is saving money toward hiring a surrogate. She asked me to sniff around and see what I could come up with for her. So here I am. The questions right now are these:

1. Reputable/reliable surrogacy matching group/clinic near Killeen, texas? She's a sahm, and her DH is full time Army, so finances are tight enough as it is... the closer she can get things to her house, the better...

2. Does anyone know if Tricare will cover any of the expenses? she's going to call the care line next week probably, but I told her I'd go ahead and ask....

Thanks in advance for your help, and plenty of dust from here. If I could send all of you my unsightly fertility without my uterine damage, I would....
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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