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polar fleece ??s

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So, how does this work?

I just got a RB shell set~ I just love it, it is my 1st fleece cover (knew DH would approve bcz he loves fleece jackets & will want DS to have one for fall
)~ but the inner layer of the snap in is also fleece. If the inner layer of fleece wicks pee away from DS into the absorbant stuff (cotton or hemp?) why does the cover fleece not wick moisture into his cotton clothes? Or will it if the absorbant stuff gets saturated enough?

Just confused & like to understand how stuff works! Love the diaper, it is beautiful!

thanks, Maria
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Maria - eventually, yes -- it would leak, of course so would wool & PUL - eventually! It is soo much thicker than the inner microfleece that it holds just fine. Plus you are not pointing a little *um... pointer* at it & pushing pee directly at it -- you're using it to hold the results -- a damp diaper.

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Polar fleece is thicker than microfleece and will not wick moisture through as easily. It will wick if the diaper is fully saturated though. I just love fleece. It is a synthetic fiber but it is so soft and fluffy. The care is pretty easy too, the only thing you have to worry about is pilling and I find I on;y get it if I wash the fleece with new diapers. Some people say they just wash their fleece covers with regular laundry to avoid that.
thanks! I hope it all helps bcz he gets rashes pretty easy & maybe this will help keep the pp off him!
yes, Ann's directions did say to wash polar fleece seperate from natural fibers to prevent pilling. I might have to just hand wash the cover bcz it's my only one~ so far!
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