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I am just curious has to how many diapers everyone has. I started out w/ 36 pfs, 4 covers and 5 kushies aios. Now I have<br><br>
46 PFs<br>
5 Kushies AIOs<br>
1 LL<br>
1 WAHM AIO<br>
7 WAHM pocket dipes<br>
7 covers (8 if you count the bad fluffy mail, lol)

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Ummm... I really don't know! It's a lot though... <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="wink1"> Mostly fitteds and WIO's.

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No idea at this point... <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Embarrassment"><br><br>
All I can say for sure is I can have 3 loads of laundry in baskets waiting for folding and almost be out of fitted diapers. Last count I we had somewhere around 60 diapers in use and about 30 that were either too small or too big.

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DIAPERS I HAVE NOW(11-04)______DIAPERS I HAD THEN (9-03)<br>
1 Fuzzi Bunz____________________12 Fuzzi Bunz<br>
6 Kushies Prefolds_______________12 PF<br>
6 UBCF________________________1 Justins Buttons AIO<br>
4 Happy Heiny's_________________1 Happy Heiny's<br>
1 Wonderoo____________________1 Little Caboose<br>
1 Re-Uz'm Elite AIO______________1 Re-Uz'm Regal AIO<br>
1 Re-Uz'm Fitted________________1 Re-Uz'm Classic AIO<br>
1 EcoBaby Organic______________1 Re-Uz'm Snap on Fitted<br>
1 Absorbitall____________________1 Absorbitall<br>
1 Grow with me_________________1 Grow with me<br>
1 Prorap AIO___________________1 ATD AIO<br>
2 Kushies Classic________________1 ATD Fitted<br>
1 Kushies Basic__________________2 Prorap AIO<br>
1 Under the Nile_________________3 ME AIO<br>
1 Growing Greens________________1 Kushies Classic<br>
1 Honey Boy____________________1 Kushies Basic<br>
1 Angelwrap____________________1 Angelwrap<br>
1 Kushies AIO<br>
1 First Class Baby AIO<br>
4 Bumkins AIO's<br>
1 Very Baby AIO<br>
2 Tushie Coverz Fleece AIO's<br>
1 Valor Kids Fleece AIO<br>
2 Rumpster AIO's<br>
2 Bummis Training Pants<br>
1 Re-Uz'm Training Pant<br>
2 Kushies Training Pants<br>
1 MOE Overnight Undies<br><br><br>
COVERS i HAVE NOW (11-04)______COVERS I HAD THEN (9-03)<br>
1 Bummis Super Snap____________1 Bummis SWW Frogs <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="love"><br>
1 Bumkins Vented_______________1 Bumkins Vented<br>
1 Bumpy Night__________________1 Prorap Colors<br>
1 Bumpy Wool__________________1 Prorap Side snap<br>
1 Green Earth__________________1 Green Earth<br>
2 Re-Uz'm Pull on Snap off_______1 Re-Uz'm Pull on Snap off<br>
2 BJMarket place ______________1Prorap Side snap<br>
1 Green Mountain Wool Longies___1 Happy Pants<br>
1 Kushies Premium______________1 Kushies Premium<br>
1 Bummis Whisper Wrap_________1 Aristocrats

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I have changed systems a couple times but always sold off the ones that didn't work for us to earn money for the new ones.<br><br>
I currently have:<br>
26 ME OS with snap in liners<br>
1 Snapdragon, size L<br>
12 infant prefolds<br><br>
About 4 covers in each size (various kinds)<br><br>
That's it!! And I think that'll do us unless baby's a heavy wetter and I might have to get some hemp doublers or something.<br><br>

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small stuff:<br>
2 Kissaluvs sz 1<br>
6 homemade honeyboys<br><br>
8 proraps newborn<br>
1 Bumpy premie<br>
1 Bummis wrap newborn<br>
9 featherlites in various sizes<br>
1 newborn Bumpy<br>
2 stacinators, wool and fleece<br>
2 medium Bumpy's<br>
4 small proraps<br>
3 medium proraps<br><br><br>
10 homemade Cuddlebuns<br>
1 Bizzy B<br>
2 Sugarbums<br>
1 Firefly<br>
8 cpf's premium<br><br>
5 Mudpie Babies aio's<br>
6 Righteous Baby (3 wool, 3 fleece)<br>
2 Fuzzinuz with joeys<br>
2 Sugarpeas snap-ins<br><br>
2 Sugarpeas wool covers<br>
4 featherlites<br>
1 dappi<br>
2 airflows<br>
1 elbee wooly bully

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I have:<br><br><b>AIOs</b><br>
14 Angel Wraps QD AIOs<br>
6 extra soakers<br>
1 Angel Wraps Fleece AIO<br>
1 FMBG on order<br><br><b>Pockets</b><br>
4 Happy Heiny's prints<br>
4 Fuzzi Bunz<br>
1 Harleyz Dipeez<br>
11 Joeybunz<br>
1 Caleb's Corner hemp fleece insert<br>
5 microfiber towels<br><br><b>Fitteds</b><br>
3 SOS prints<br>
2 Sugarpeas<br>
2 Cuddlebuns (bikini and regular)<br>
1 Bizzy B Hive<br>
1 Harleyz Dipeez fitted<br>
2 Country Cuttins on order (from SO long ago that I can't even remember what they were)<br>
12 Harleyz Dipeez on order (and I am selling all the rest of my fitteds when I get these - they rock! <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="love">)<br><br><b>Covers - wool</b><br>
1 Tuesday Bear wool<br>
1 Sugarpeas wool<br>
1 Angelwraps wool (too big - next size)<br>
1 Bizzy B Hive wool<br>
1 Cass's Cozy soaker<br>
1 Kool Sheep Soaker<br>
1 soaker off of e-bay (bjmarketplace)<br>
1 Tuesday Bear wool on order<br>
2 wool covers that I made (not perfected, LOL)<br><br><b>Covers - other</b><br>
1 Harleyz Dipeez fleece/pul cover (too big - next size)

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well over 100 <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="EEK!"><br><br>
20 FB's<br>
10 FMBG AIO<br>
4 FMBG fitted<br>
4 mudpies<br>
3 SP<br>
7 Diaperbabies<br>
2 RB FLAG<br>
1 RB Shell Set<br>
50 UBCPF (maybe more but at least 50)<br>
12 Kissaluvs<br>
10 or more Misc WAHM AIO<br>
2 WAHM pocket dipes<br>
2 cuddlebuns<br><br>
3 Diaper babies Fleece<br>
5 Bumpy Wool<br>
3 SP Wool<br>
20 Proraps (appoximate)<br>
1 nikky wool<br>
1 nikky cotton<br>
10-15 misc. covers ...<br><br>
thats all i can think of at the moment<br><br><br><br><br>

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I've been purging a lot of my stash the past few weeks and Ive cut it way down. What a relief! Now I actually have more time to do regularl laundry simply because I don't feel so overwhelmed. My highest count a few months ago was something like 140+ diapers for two kids in use <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="EEK!"> That was about 70% prefolds 30% fitteds, and Donovan uses all fitteds. Right now I have (good thing I keep a running updated file on my computer <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="wink1"><br>
Donovan has 10 fitteds, 1 AIO and 5 FB's (two of which are too big now and I'm going to off soon). Liam has 8 fitteds, 2 FB's (that I think I'll give to Donovan as they seem to fit him better, but Liam they are leaving angry red marks on his chubby thighs) and a bakers dozen UBCPF's - on of which is a gorgeous dye job from <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="orange big grin"> Liam is wearing that right now. Great, I'm a prefold <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="hyena"><br><br>
So that's a total of what...40 diapers. WOW! That's a big difference.

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I have a lot but I am keeping them all in hopes of getting pregnant again! So I have retired my smalls and not broken out the few larges I have bought. In current rotation we are mainly using fitteds and AIO's.<br><br><b>AIOs</b><br><br>
5 Lucys Hope Chest AIOs<br>
3 Misc WAHM AIOs (No names I wish I knew because they are GREAT dipes)<br>
1 Little Lambs AIOs<br>
1 Texas Bluebonnet AIOs<br>
2 Cloth Baby AIOs<br>
2 Liz Cloth AIOs<br>
2 Bottoms Up AIOs<br>
3 Riley Roos AIO's (I don't use these much cause they are bulky but they are very absorbant so I keep them to use around the house)<br><br><b>Fitteds</b><br><br>
6 Snug to Fit<br>
6 Happi Nappi<br>
1 Liz Cloth Fitted<br><br><b>Covers</b><br><br>
3 Bummis Super Wraps<br>
1 Proraps (Hate it though)<br>
2 Sugar Plum Baby Covers<br>
1 Bsoft<br>
1 Bumpy Wool Cover<br>
1 Phunky Mama Wool Cover<br><br><b>Misc</b><br><br>
12 CPF's<br>
5 Fuzzi Bunz (3 are the fleece style and I MUCH prefer these)<br>
And many misc doublers etc

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7 sugarbums AIO's<br>
4 HB's<br>
5 CT Lay-ins<br>
5 LL<br>
3 Patchie Nappies -no longer use-ick<br>
1 Chumbas hug tester<br>
1 JJ Gusset tester<br><i>26 AIO's Total</i><br><br><b>Fitted's</b><br>
10 Sugarbums fitteds<br>
15 CT fitteds<br>
12 Stink Bomb/Rockin Bottom fitteds -out of rotation, icky velcro<br><i>37 Fitteds Total</i><br><br><b>Prefolds</b><br>
12 Indian cotton-Premium<br>
12 Bleached CPF- Premium<br>
6 UBCPF-Premium<br>
6 Bleached CPF- Toddler<br>
12 Gerber DSQ -don't use much<br><i>48 Prefolds total</i><br><br><b>Non- wool covers</b><br>
3 Sugarbums PUL SS covers<br>
5 CT PUL covers<br>
2 Windpro Sugarbums SS covers<br>
10 pull on nylon pants -only used if everything else is dirty<br><i>20 non wool covers total</i><br><br><b>Wool soakers</b><br>
1 watermelon<br>
1 ND<br>
1 RWB<br>
6 assorted color/var<br>
2 pair wool pants<br><i>11 soakers total</i><br><br><b>Pocket diapers</b><br>
6 CT pockets<br>
2 FB pockets<br>
5 messed up trial pockets - still use these, they are ugly but work!<br><i>13 pocket diapers total</i><br><br><b>Doublers/stuffers</b><br>
6 hemp fleece stuffers 3 layer (tri fold)<br>
6 hemp fleece stuffers 2 layer (tri fold)<br>
24 fleece topped doublers (hemp)<br>
18 non fleece topped doublers (hemp)<br><i>54 doublers/stuffers</i><br><br><br><b><i>124 diapers total<br>
54 doublers/stuffers<br>
31 covers (wool and non wool)<br></i></b><br><br>
Eewwww typing it all out made it seem really excessive...okay maybe it is, unless I had 3 kids in diapers, but alas I only have Joe in diapers now! *Gulp* guess I need to sell off some stuff!

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This thread inspired me to go inventory my - I mean my kids' - dipes. I didn't know I had so many! Actually I've recently eBay-ed quite a few too!<br><br><b>AIO's</b><br>
1 Cuddlebuns<br>
2 custom Heavenly Hineys<br><br><b>Fitteds</b><br>
6 Sugarpeas<br>
2 Fireflies<br>
2 Darling Diapers (My very favorite! I wish I could get more! <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="greensad"> )<br>
1 BuzFuz<br>
2 Re-fuz<br><br><b>Pockets</b><br>
31 Fuzzi Bunz<br>
1 Darling Diaper pocket<br><br><b>Other</b><br>
67 CPFs in various sizes<br>
3 Nighty Newts soakers<br>
3 Nighty Newts PFs<br>
12 Joey Bunz<br>
many various assorted fleece liners and hemp doublers<br><br><b>Covers</b><br>
3 Stacinator wool<br>
1 Fuzbomb<br>
2 Sugarpeas wool<br>
1 Aristocrat<br>
1 homemade but sweater<br>
1 homemade fleece cover<br>
7 Bumpys<br>
5 Bummis SWW<br><br>
**on order** - 2 Liz's Cloth!<br><br>

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I have LOTS of diapers!<br><br>
12 FB's<br>
12 prefolds<br>
7 Liz's cloth<br>
2 Bumkins<br>
6 snugglebottoms (but they are now too small for DS <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="greensad"> )<br>
6 growing greens<br>
2 Angel wrap Aio's<br>
2 Angel Wrap quick-dry AIO's<br>
2 Cuddlebuns<br><br><br>
2 Aristocrats<br>
3 Bummis SWW<br>
1 SP wool<br>
1 RB wool<br>
1 Liz's wool<br>
1 Liz's overnighter fleece<br>
1 Sweet cheeks wool<br>
and one other wool cover (I forget who made it)<br><br>
Then I also have a billion doublers and 6 JB hemparoos and 6 more JB's topped w/ fleece<br><br>
Holy cow, I have 51 diapers!! Don't tell DH how many diapers we actually have <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="EEK!"><br><br>
Can you tell that I don't like doing laundry every other day??!

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I have my first BBH on the way to me too <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="orange big grin"><br><br>
Wanna see??!!!<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br><img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="orange big grin">

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Let's see...<br><br>
15 Kooshies<br>
15 prefolds<br>
9 Didee Snugs<br>
about 3 dozen Terra Tots in various sizes<br>
12 plastic pants<br>
some covers for newborn sizes (forget the brand!)<br><br><img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="crying"> I'm so obsessed!

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<img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="EEK!"> Wow you Mommas!!! What stashes!!<br><br>
I am primarly a CPF gal, so here goes<br><br>
24 infant CPFs (being used by SIL now! <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="orange big grin"> )<br>
24 regular sized CPFs<br>
24 premium sized CPFs<br><br>
8 NB prowrap covers<br>
8 Sm prowrap covers (with SIL!)<br>
4 Med prowrap covers<br>
2 FMBG fleece covers<br>
1 Sugarpeas fleece cover<br>
10-13 fleece covers made by me<br>
5 PUL covers made by me<br><br>
1 Little Lambs AIO<br>
1 Cuddlebun with Jeeps on it (DH is a Jeep geek)<br><br>
Many, many doublers and liners made by me, too many to count<br><br>
And...I have 24 UBCPFs Premiums coming my way via Punkin-Butt sometime soon <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="wave"><img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="love">

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I have:<br><br><b>AIOs/pockets</b><br>
1 FMBG<br>
2 sugarbums<br>
1 FB<br>
5 HH<br>
1 RB shell set<br>
1 honeyboy<br><br><b>Fitteds</b><br>
8 sugarpeas<br>
3 SOS<br>
1 toot sweet<br><br><b>prefolds</b><br>
12 cpfs<br>
2 nighty newts<br><br><b>covers</b><br>
1 FMBG pul<br>
2 sugarpeas wool<br>
4 BSWW<br>
1 ME rikki<br><br><b>misc</b><br>
a bunch of JB, HH stuffins, SP fleece topped doublers, wipes

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to scared to count. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="EEK!"><img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="orange big grin">
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