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Poll of Iraqis Reveals Anger Toward U.S.

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"The poll, commissioned by the Coalition Provisional Authority last month but not released to the American public, also found radical cleric Muqtada al-Sadr is surging in popularity, 92 percent of Iraqis consider the United States an occupying force and more than half believe all Americans behave like those portrayed in the Abu Ghraib prison abuse photos."

Rest of AP story here:

Well, that about puts the toe tag on the whole "greated
as liberators" mumbo jumbo.
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Silver lining: apparently no Kurds were polled. Bad news: they're waiting for Dubya Inc. to sell them out:
Not surprising, but definitely baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad news.
Who can blame them for feeling that way? I am sure it serves them politically as leaders to promote this view of ALL Americans painted with a negative and broad brush, but I cannot say I'm surprised or that I wouldn't feel this way if put in their position. Same is reinforced by our leaders about Iraqis and Afghanis.

Again, this only serves to demonstrate and highlight the importance of this upcoming election as a statement to the world and a mandate against what has been done in our names.

As an American, I abhor being automatically associated with a this group of thugs, when I was out there trying to stop all this crap before it started. But that is just me and I am SO deeply saddened each time I realize that this could ALL have been avoided and that the powers that be just didn't want to because war is so damned lucrative.

Joyce in the mts.
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