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Poll of troops in Iraq

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Since we've had so many delightful
discussions here about what our service men and women in Iraq really think, I thought I'd offer this up as a contribution. Note that it is from that far-left commie-loving defeatist source, the Stars and Stripes:

The survey of 944 troops, conducted in Iraq between Jan. 18 and Feb. 14, said that only 23 percent of servicemembers thought U.S. forces should stay "as long as they are needed."

Of the 72 percent, 22 percent said troops should leave within the next six months, and 29 percent said they should withdraw "immediately." Twenty-one percent said the U.S. military presence should end within a year; 5 percent weren't sure.
Hmmm... seems to me that if things were going that well, more respondants would have chosen the "stay as long as needed" option. 'Course, in fairness, the military analysts see it differently:

"I think this is about personal circumstances, and not proof there is a higher rate of troops who desire departure."
72 percent want to get out within a year, and he says it doesn't mean a higher percent desire departure? Huh???

And then there was this:

The poll also shows that 42 percent of the troops surveyed are unsure of their mission in Iraq, and that 85 percent believe a major reason they were sent into war was "to retaliate for Saddam's role in the Sept. 11 attacks."
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Interesting, and not surprising. I mean if I were there I'd feel the same that the majority did, get us out of here.
Thanks for posting this.
Very interesting!

I hope and pray that all the American servicemen and women come home safely ASAP.

A majority of troops (53%) said the U.S. should double both the number of troops and bombing missions in order to control the insurgency.
Of course, because that's the only way that they'll get home.

While 89% of reserves and 82% of those in the National Guard said the U.S. should leave Iraq within a year, 58% of Marines think so. Seven in ten of those in the regular Army thought the U.S. should leave Iraq in the next year.
They've never had enough people or equipment to do their job.
Thanks for posting the link to the zogby site, Flagger. Not sure why you bolded that sentence though? Are you admitting that Bush screwed up by going in with too few troops?

The thing that stood out to me about this poll is how much at variance Bush's view of the war and the troops' view of the war is. Bush says we will stay as long as long as needed; troops want to come home within a year. Bush says we have adequate troop levels; troops want more. Bush has given up on the Saddam-9/11 link; troops still believe it.

I mean, that can't be good.
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