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When did you start solids?

  • we started solids before my dc was 4 months

    Votes: 2 3.4%
  • we started solids when dc was 4 months

    Votes: 5 8.6%
  • we started solids when dc was 5 months

    Votes: 9 15.5%
  • we started solids when dc was 6 months

    Votes: 15 25.9%
  • we started solids when dc was 7 months

    Votes: 11 19.0%
  • we started solids when dc was 8 months

    Votes: 10 17.2%
  • we started solids when dc was 9 months

    Votes: 2 3.4%
  • we started solids when dc was 10 months

    Votes: 3 5.2%
  • we started solids when dc was 11 months

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • we started solids when dc was 12 or more months

    Votes: 1 1.7%

poll: when did you start solids?

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my ds is 4 months old and I don't plan on starting solids until 6 months minimum, but I am curious as to what is the norm around here... and how did you know your dc was ready?
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I started my dd on solids at 6 months. I don't know what we'll do about my ds, but definetely not before 6 months.
I started trying to feed my oldest solids at four months, on the suggestion of her pediatrician. (long story, she's tiny, always has been and always will be, but stupid doc thinks I should be doing something about it). Anyway, she didn't actually start eating solids until nine months, so that's what I voted.

My baby is a week away from being seven months, and had her first taste of solid food last night. Just a few bites of pureed sweet potatoes. No telling when she'll eat solids on a regular basis, I'm in no big hurry about it, anyway.
I gave DD1 a taste of cereal when she was about a week shy of 6 months old because I thought that was what I was supposed to do.
Around the same time, I started reading more about solid foods, plus DD1 wasn't as interested, so we didnt' really "do" solids until about 8 months old.

DD2 is almost 6 months old and hasn't had solids yet.
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We started dd when she was 6 1/2 months old...just some veggies or some organic rice once a day. She would only take a few spoonfuls and then lose interest. It was no biggie, and we didn't push.

Now that 4 weeks have gone by, dd eats about 1/4 c pureed fruit or veg at dinner time, followed by a teething biscuit (Earth's Best brand makes a molasses teething biscuit that she adores!) Some nights she wants more, so we oblige. She still nurses about every 3 hours, so I don't feel the need to push solids on her...
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Roman was 5.5months old when he stuck his fist in dh's applesauce and then into his mouth and screamed when i tried to wipe his hand clean.

we had given him tastes after 5 months of things, but no real spoon feeding. But from that point on i gave him spoonfulls here and there. Some cereal, a bit of applesauce or banana in the babysafe feeder. He was an eater from the get-go. I made babyfood.... pureed mango, carrots, yams etc and he'd have the equivalent of about 1/4-1/2 jar once a day till he was about 7mos. then he jumped up to eating 3 times a day about that amount. by 9mos he was eating whatever we were plus a half jar of pureed fruit or veggie. At 10.5mos he loves everything.... and eats whatever we eat for dinner in a smaller amount. I still give him some pureed fruit for snack and with breakfast which is whatever my toddlers (that i babysit) and preschooler are eating.
I said 10 months, but I don't know really. I guess when the time is right I will start something, but I don't do cereal, and I don't do those nasty jar foods. I start my children on foods that we eat, including all the added stuff like seasonings, spices and salt. I figured if I want my children to eat what we eat, and to like it, you might as well start them on your stuff. All my kids are healthy and they eat alot of food that most kids wouldn't eat.
I voted 6 months, although it was actually closer to 7. We didn't bother with cereals (tried oatmeal and she *hated* it). She eats food I make - loves banana, sweet potato and pears. Not sure what we'll try next.
Both girls got their first tastes of solid food around 5 months old. DD2 seems a bit more interested than DD1 was. DD1 didn't really become enamored with the whole thing until about 8 months old. DD2 seems a bit more interested. We're not pushing, just feeding to interest.

It's just for fun right now. DD1 was nursed as her primary nutrition until about 13-14 months (still nursing for fun and the occasional drop of milk). DD2 has breastmilk as her primary nutrition and will for at least a year.

Oh, and they showed their readiness when they would grab food and stuff it in their mouths, fighting me if I tried to stop them! DD2 will stare at us, watching the spoon/fork go from the food to our mouths. Then her little mouth will start working like she's chewing something, and she'll start drooling.
It was a little unnerving to have her staring that intently.

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DD is almost 7 months, & we are just doing tastes of solids now... not adding much nutritionally. I let her have some banana at lunch- she would eat it, but makes a funny face though she wants more. I'm going to try avocado tomorrow.
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I gave ds a taste of solids when he was 5 months old and we tried a variety of other tastes, but he didn't take to it. Now, at 9 months old, we're still exclusively nursing
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We just started solids on Friday, so this is my very favorite topic right now

He got rice cereal, and he took right to it. We knew he was ready, as he's been aiming the ol' unblinking stare at anyone involved in eating or drinking for several weeks now. He's had a month to get used to his high chair and seems to enjoy sitting at the table. He didn't eat a whole lot Friday night, but he was opening up for it from the first spoonful. I have a whole bunch of avocados sitting on the counter for this weekend, 'cause that's next! I had a heck of a time talking my husband out of giving him bananas next, but I really want him to get started on non-sweet stuff. I bought a babysafe feeder too, and I'm looking forward to trying it out.

bec, it sounds like your DD2 has a lot in common with my son! I didn't read the posts before I added mine, but yours sure sounded familiar...
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Doodle's been eating "solids" since a week shy of 7 months. He gets 4-5 baby size spoonfuls once a day (or less, I forget sometimes!). He's not great with texture, but we're working on it. He loves to eat, and is starting to "chew" (no teeth yet). I'm basically pushing it a little more than I would because I'm paranoid about allergies and want to get a lot of foods out of the way in a controlled single-ingredient introduction. I figure that's easiest when he's not mobile yet! So far he's had nothing jarred, and breastmilk is still 99% of his nutrition.
I had no intention on starting my DD on solids until 6 months. However, she has a horrible case of reflux that was not being remedied by liquid medication (i.e. zantac), so they had to move her to prevacid, which is in a capsule form. Therefore she started getting light solids (applesauce or pears) at 3 1/2 months, once a day to take her medication.... it wasn't a meal, but it was still a solid, therefore I voted for less than 4 months.
my ds is almost 8 months and has just started a few solids. By no means is he getting "meals" but he gets a taste of something every now and again. Yesterday he seemed interested in my banana so I let him have a little. He's had some yams and applesauce. I just offer it when he shows interest. Now he did get his first taste of solids around 5 months but that was thanks to his 2.5 y/o brother who was so generous to share. :LOL
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