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Pollywog Babies, The most styling diapers out there!!

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Alrighty mamas, I am so excited, I just have to share with some mamas. A couple of days ago I got my order from and I am just ecstatic!

I have ordered a few from her before, but I wanted to try her new supertrim diaper(that's my excuse for ordering more diapers, lol) and omigosh, it's fabulous.

You can see the diaper I got here.

Ds is a big guy, but because the diaper is so trim, his clothes still fit great(I was having problems with kushies and bumkins being too bulky). But he is also a heavy wetter and she has got some awesome soaker inserts to go with them and we haven't had any problems yet.

The other bonus is that I ordered extra inserts so I can treat it like an AIO, or I can treat it like a cover with the inserts.

And he looks so stinking cute in them. I was trying to get a pic to post because he looks so styling, but he must have know I was trying to do that, he kept running away and laughing. If I get a picture of him I will definately post it because they are such styling diapers.

Anywho, if you haven't checked out you should because they rock!! I couldn't be happy(and I think I have tried almost every diaper out there).
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