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Polyester in prefolds?

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*waves* Hi there! I'm new here and have a couple of questions. We're expecting our first in September and plan to cd. My mom had a shower for us a few weeks ago and waited until a few days before hand to try to order the diaper package I wanted. Well, she wasn't able to but managed to find some prefolds at a shop locally. This is all well and good, except the ones she found have a layer of polyester in them. How useful are these going to be? (They're also the size for 15-30 lb. babies.) Chinese prefolds are 100% cotton, aren't they? How many covers do I need? I'm sure I had other questions but now I can't remember them.
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Welcome aboard!!
I'm not sure about the polyester info - I'm sure someone can help you with that one.
I would suggest a minimum of 8 covers with a newborn. When dd was a nb and we were truly cding to save $$, 8 was a comfortable # to have. We tried to rotate between 2-3 a day, airing the previous one out after a change to use later on in the day if there were no blow-out poops.
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