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pondering fitteds

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I see fitted dipes and I want to buy them, lots and lots of them!

But the silly thing is, I dont really LIKE them. They work okay for us, but something about unsnapping a soaking wet diaper kinds oogs me out, ya know?

I have no trouble with handling pee, I'm always reaching into a poopy diaper no holds barred to dig out the insert and toss into the washer. No biggie. a little baby pee never hurt anybody. But somehow unsnapping the cold super soaked diaper seems...yucky. I think i'm somewhat afraid little pee droplets will fly everywhere and get on my baby boy!

But all these adorable cute fitteds...I
them so much, dammit.
Right now I have 1 sugarpeas, 2 other fitteds on their way, and 1 firefly. I love their fit, etc. love the pretty colors...
but unsnapping them...thats another story.

Am I total freak?
Help! whats wrong with me!
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Oh wow! I must admit to never having had that issue.. many other issues but not the fear of flying pee dropletts!
Oh and we've never had flying pee! I use fitteds 90% of the time.
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I've never had a problem with unsnapping wet fitteds either. It's just not something that bothers me. Besides DS's diapers aren't ever wet enough for there to be any flying pee drops. I LOVE fitteds. We use them just about all the time with wool over it.
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