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Pony Blanket Pattern

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For some reason I'm having trouble posting this to my blog. I'll keep trying. In the meantime, here is the patterns for the "poncho" for a little pony. This is my first try at writing a pattern, so I'd like feedback if it is clear and error free.
-Love Sarah

Knit Blanket for a toy pony by Sarah Thompson

Gauge 6 or 7 sts to the inch- 6 for a slightly larger looser blanket
size 1 needles or whatever gives you gauge. 2 Double pointed sock needles will hold this project but extra care should be used when doing the stranded work that no bunching occurs.

Cast on 53 sts of main color
Rows 1, 2 and 3 -seed stitch border at hem - on each row knit 1, purl 1, k1, p1 etc…
Row 4 purl entire row
Row 5 knit entire row

Heart pattern happens in rows 6-11 if you do not wish to do the 2 color knitting continue stockinette for 6 rows in your main color, or add a stripe or two for variety.

Heart pattern has an 8 stitch repeat, there will be 6 hearts in this design. It's important when doing stranded knitting that is not in the round that the last stitch of the pattern (complimentary color) CC is interlocked with the (main color)MC yarn- do this by twisting yarns when you change color at the last motif.
Row 6 Purl all sts- MC6, (CC1, MC7) repeat 5 more times, MC6
Row 7 Knit all sts- MC5, twist (CC3, MC5) repeat 5 more time, MC5
Row 8 Purl all sts- MC4, twist ( CC5, MC3) repeat 5 more times, MC4
Row 9 Knit all sts- MC 3, twist ( CC7, MC1) repeat 5 more times, MC3
Row 10 purl version of row 9
Row 11 Knit all sts MC4, ( CC2, MC1, CC2, MC3) repeat 5 more times


Row 12 purl the entire row

Begin the shaping for the rump and neck, the decreases are paired with one slanting left and the other right. The neck shaping makes a slanting border of 3 sts, the rump shaping tapers toward the tail hole.

Row 13
Bind off one stitch by knitting 2sts and passing the first stitch over the second.
(Note: This bound off loop is the future location of one front tie.)
K1, (slip 1, K1, psso). This is the decrease you will always use on the right edge of the neck opening.
K13, now decrease for rump- slip 1, K1, psso, K13 across middle, decrease left side of rump K2tog, K13, K2tog, K to end.

Throughout the piece your decreases should make this pattern- from now on I will specify where, but not how to make the decreases ../…………./………….\.............\..

Row 14
Bind off one stitch by purling 2 sts and passing the first stitch over the second. Purl the rest of the row.

Row 15
K2, decrease, K12, decrease, K11, decrease, K12, decrease, K2

Now we begin to shape the neck on every row. Be careful when purling the decreases that the correct stitch lays on the top so on the right side the pattern is maintained.

Row 16 P2, decrease, P35, decrease, P2
Row 17 K2, decrease, K10, decrease, K9, decrease, K10, decrease, K2
Row 18 P2, decrease, P9, decrease, P7, decrease, P9, decrease, P2

In the next row, along with the regular decreases, three stitches will be bound off in the center to form the tail hole.
Row 19 K2, decrease, K8, decrease, K3, pass next to last stitch over, (K1, pass next to last stitch over) 2 times, decrease, K8, decrease, K2

In this row we will make 2 stitches to bridge across tail hole. Up to this point our piece has had an odd number of stitches, it will now have an even number of stitches.
Row 20 P2, decrease, P7, decrease, make 2 stitches by half hitch cast on method, decrease, P7, decrease, P2
Row 21 K2, decrease, K16, decrease, K2
Row 22 P2, decrease, P5, decrease, decrease, P5, decrease, P2

Slip 9 stitches to other needle and graft spine seam.

Add ties. Thread finishing needle with one strand of each color. Pass needle through bars of one bound off stitch. Doubled, you now have 4 strands to braid for tie. If you arrange the strands MC, CC, CC, MC … the 4 piece braid will make a spiral stripe, very pretty. Do the same braid on the other side of the neck opening.

Instructions for braid-
Leftmost strand- pass over two middle strands and then double back under the "right middle" strand.
Rightmost strand- pass over two middle strands and then double back under the "left middle" strand.
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Sounds cute! Would this be for a "Breyer" sized toy horse?
Ohhh nooooo... for a wee little pony of the pinkish persuasion!

I'll tell you what I would love to do with some size 00000 needles some time when I have totally lost my mind... a beaded Bryer size fly blanket with crochet thread. I think that If you did it klapotis style with some dropped stitches- you'd get that really webby stringy look! My breyer Percheron begs for one.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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