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Poodle owners help!

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Hi everyone.
I have my heart set on owning a poodle. But i need all the info i can get. I wont be getting it until probaly July/August. I will be working full time by then. My questions are: Do i need a pet sitter or can i buy the baby toys and food to keep it busy while i am at work? How much will it cost? What questions to ask the breeder? Do they need to be professionally groomed or can i do it myself? How do i find a good vet? Will i need to take it to the vet when i first get it even if the breeder has already done it? How do i potty train? What is the differences between genders?

ANy other info will be appreciated. I have never had a pet so i am excited. BTW i was thinking about getting the miniature kind. TIA
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Please look into reading some books specifically on poodles before getting one. They sure look cute but they can be a handful because they are very intelligent.

PLEASE look into rescue groups before buying from a breeder. Unless you are looking specifically for a show dog, please rescue a dog that is in need of a home. Many of these dogs are wonderful with great temperment and may already be house trained. They are often surrendered due to owner issues, not dog issues.

I have lived with 5 mini/toy poodles and we've never once had a pet sitter. They were all either house trained (i.e. having the run of the house) or crate trained.

Poodles can be expensive due to grooming and health issues. Grooming often costs $35 or more for a mini/toy and needs to be done every 8 weeks or so. You can try to groom them yourself but be warned that they are often squirmy and it becomes an exercise in patience. It takes us about 1 1/2 hours to groom and clip the nails of our 8 lber and that's only do a pretty rough job just to get us through until we can get him an appointment with the professionals.

The best way to find a good vet is to find people with similar ideals as you and ask them who their pets see. It will become obvious fairly quickly who the best vets in the area are.
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I debated about whether or not to post this, but I don't know if it's a good idea to get any toy breed that will be alone all day. Take it for what it's worth, but my thoughts are that they are so small and typically toy breeds are more difficult to housebreak due to size of the dog, their conception of where to "go" and stuff. I could be totally wrong, but our puppy is six months old now (not a poodle, a papillon) and I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving her all day now even.
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