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Sorry, but I need to ask

Should it be like an adult's? Well formed? My dd who is 3 y 2 m still has very soft and only loosely formed poops. Always has. She sits down and within 3 seconds announces "Done!" My 10m old dd2 has firmer poops and is still 85% breastfed.

dd1 is allergic/sensitive to dairy which we do not eat. Also to corn which we ate for a while but stopped a month ago when I noticed she got a rash on her cheeks within hours of eating popcorn. As an infant she was sensitive to eggs through my milk but I began to give her eggs about 6 months ago. HHHHHHMMMMMMM, veeeeeeerrrrry I just posted in the ec forum about bedwetting because she started peeing in the bed months ago after having almost a year of dry nights......

So anyway, are soft 3 yo poops ever normal in a non-allergic kid?
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