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Can thrush cause weird green poop like reactions can? We started having some symptoms of thrush a few weeks ago, but I upped the probiotics and cut out sugar/most fruit and they calmed down. They're back enough that I called the ped - DS seems to have it starting to cause irritation around his mouth and I've got sore nipples again. Anyhow, I though we were at baseline, but DS just had a weird green poop with mucous. Could the thrush cause that, or are we not at baseline like I thought?

Also... I think I remember reading a while ago in somebody else's post about being wary of taking either Nystatin or Diflucan because it could mobilize toxins. Do I need to worry about this, or would that only be a problem if I was on one of them long term?

I was trying to get the ball rolling on testing for metals issues, going with the whole theory that we have candida to protect us and treating things that way instead of trying to treat the candida. I guess we're going to have to do something about the thrush first, though. EBF a wiggly, bouncy, toothy little boy with sore nipples does not sound like something I want to do for very long!
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