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Poor Hubby

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Just found out I'm having a girl. We both were hoping for a boy. I'm disappointed a bit, but excited to meet this little girl. I really feel bad for hubby though.

Before you reply that girls are just as good as boys, and that we will grow to love our little girl just as much as any boy -- we know that, of course! But hubby is a big, strong, manly guy who would raise such a wonderful son. He's loving and gentle and big-brute-masculine-stud at the same time. I really wanted to be able to see him bring up a little guy with those same qualities.

I already have two girls, so this will be my third. I think I'm a very good woman and I've enjoyed raising my daughters so far and imparting what I know about being a female to them. I so wanted to see my husband get that chance with a son!
And seeing as I'm almost 40 and not really wanting to end up with 3 little ones under 5 at my age, this was pretty much our last chance. I want to cry for my poor beloved husband's sake.

Oh well.

Welcome, little daughter!
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Aww... I am sorry to hear that it doesn't look likely that you DH will have a son to raise. He sounds like a great guy!

I am sure he's going to be really busy with a gaggle of cute little girls to parent, but has he ever thought of being a "Big Brother" sometime in the future? From what you've written, he sounds like he'd be an awesome big brother, and could really make a difference in the lives of some little boys
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You are so right, LindsayK. For example, we walk our little daughter to the nearby park pretty much every day. There, we kept seeing a teenage boy playing guitar, sitting in the covered picnic table area. After chatting with him a few times, and seeing that he had talent, my husband decided to give him one of his own guitars. Hubby has several, and the one this boy had was not very good. Also, he didn't own a tuner. So my husband gave him a very nice acoustic guitar with a built-in tuner. The boy, whose name is Vincent, was so excited, and now every time we see him at the park he runs over to play us his latest song. I am so proud of hubby for encouraging this boy and being so selfless!

Of course, he can teach his daughters to play guitar, it's not that. He would just love to nurture a son, as well. I love my husband soooo much. He's trying to be a "trooper" right now, but I can see the sadness in his eyes.
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My sister's husband would love a boy next as well, though they aren't really trying any time soon. They have two girls now and he's dreading having a third. I think their plan is: if boy, no more kids. if girl, adopt a boy.

I thought that sounded like a nice plan.
It sounds like you have a really wonderful husband and a great father to your girls. What a fortunate woman you are!
It's hard we're on the opposite end, we have 3 boys and are expecting baby #4 (we don't know what it is yet though). Dh has always felt bad for me not having a daughter yet. But you know...since boys are all I've ever known I don't feel like I'm missing out. It's hard to explain.
I second the suggestion of being a big brother (although it sounds like he does a pretty good job on his own finding someone to mentor).
That being said...I work in L&D and I had a family that had 3 girls and their 4th was supposed to be a girl (said the sono tech), but it was really a boy. Talk about a shock at delivery, I have never seen a dad break down and cry so hard. It was very touching. I'm not trying to gloss it over and not validate your feelings, but sometimes they can be wrong.

Your girls are very blessed to have a father who loves them and loves their mama. Think of the example they'll have when it comes time to find a spouse.
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Thanks, babycatcher12
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