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Poor kiddo

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Anyone else's babe looking a little worse for wear?

Noah's having a not-so-photogenic week. It's kinda funny, actually... he has a mild case of dandruff/cradle cap, all his fluffy dark hair from birth is falling out (male pattern baldness at 6 weeks??), he got a streak of sunburn on his face at the zoo on Monday, he has baby acne, and yesterday his plugged tear duct turned into a bright puffy red eye infection. What a combination!

On the serious side, anybody know the best way to shorten the period of baby acne? Does regular washing of the face help? Everyone warned me about the period from 6-9 weeks where baby gets red and blotchy, but Ian and James never got it, so this is new to me.

As for the sunburn, balding, dandruff, and eye infection, ....that stuff we have covered.
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I find just washing the face /areas off gently with a warm washcloth helps. No soap needed (and probably not good anyway). The acne clears up within a few minutes of doing this, so I sometimes do it a few times durin gthe day. Seems like it is just the body detoxing some stuff. Otherwise, breastmilk is good, as long as youaren't suffering from thrush (great for the eye infection. poor Noah, lol)
Maria's looking a little scraggly today, too. I just discovered some nasty red scratches on her double chin from the outfit she was wearing today (apparently the top of the zipper was kinda sharp). She's got baby pimples, too.

I discovered that her bath last night did seem to help the acne. So like Yvonne, I'm going to try wiping her face with a warm washcloth a few times a day to keep the pimples at bay.
Leo's looking slightly pimply so we'll see if it gets worse. Peter lost all his hair and got bad acne at 5 weeks-- just in time for Easter and his baptism. It took a few weeks for the acne to go away.
(*chuckle*) My mother told me that there was a period of a few weeks in my infancy when she didn't want to leave the house with me, because my baby acne got so bad!
Two Amys with two Leos on this DDC!

Acne here too. And his hair all fell out in the front - his head looks HUGE!!
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Originally Posted by ahwuko
Two Amys with two Leos on this DDC!

Really? Now that's just weird!
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Wow, this makes me feel better in retrospect - poor baby Bea had a very bad weekend about two weeks ago now - she went from perfect complexion and cute little hair to baby acne, large bald patch on the left side only and also a horrendous gas attack - those were 72 very dark hours.

She has had spots here and there since then but it is tapering off - her hair is growing back in- she will be six weeks tomorrow.

Of course, she looked the worst to me - everyone else who saw her couldn't tell what I was talking about until I pointed it out (bad mommy!)
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