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popping off?

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My baby is 2 months old. When nursing, she will lose suction it seems and make a pop sound. She does this during pretty much every nursing, and her eyes open wide like it either scared her or annoyed her. LOL

Otherwise, her latch seems fine and she is gaining weight well.
Although we had a rough start, she lost alot of weight in the beginning and supplemented with an sns for 2 weeks. I am assuming she had a funky suck from the beginning and that is what caused those issues.

Does anyone know what this could be? Is it neccessary to fix it if it doesnt seem to impact her weight gain? It is super annoying in public though because I have to get her latched on correctly over and over.
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My DS did this because I have an over active let down. Before he figured out this annoying trick he would just about drown.
exactly what I was going to say.....drowned at first, learned the suck trick to save himself and now he only does the suck think every once in a while, probably because my milk supply has gotten to a "normal" level for us. Maybe that's what your DC is doing also???
Does she choke on the milk sometimes?
The "popping" sound you hear is exactly what you said, losing suction. Is it after taking a few sucks? If so, it's probably when she goes to swallow. I wouldn't worry too much about it, if she's able to eat, has lots of wet dipes and poopy ones, and is gaining weight, she's obviously getting enough
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