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Popsicle recipes

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Are there some on here? I couldn't figure out how to search to see if there was an old thread.

Anyway, my son and I are popsicle fiends
and I have given in and purchased some but they are not healthy! I told him we're going to find some recipes and make our own.

We have frozen fruit juice as well as leftover smoothies.

We do dairy too so whatever recipes you have we'd love

My 4 yr old and I thank you
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I was going to suggest smoothies. That's what I do -- they taste great, you can sneak all kinds of goodies into 'em
and the possibilities are limited only to your imagination.

I have a homemade fudgsicle recipes, but I don't think that's what you mean.
: I make them for DP sometimes -- he's a fudgsicle freak.

To search: go to the panel just above the posts -- see where it says "Welcome PJsmommy"? Right under that is a "search" link, which will bring up a little box if you click on it. Voila! Search away and have fun.

Enjoy your popsicles!
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Smoothies are what we do. I make a couple batches a week. Since I just use fruit and yogurt, no juice, they aren't super high in sugar so I feel good about DS eating as many as he wants. Here are some of his favorites.

Coconut milk, pineapple, banana sometimes mango

Vanilla yogurt & cherries

Strawberry & banana with yogurt

Pineapple, orange, banana with vanilla yogurt
We just made yummy yummy popsicles last week with coconut milk, OJ, yogurt, banana, and strawberries! When I made smoothies I do the same thing just make sure the fruit is frozen. Delicious, and I feel like we're having a fairly nutritious snack, even if we have popsicles for a meal!
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Ohhh, i love this thread. I am a popsicle freak too. Can't wait till dd is old enough to eat them. Don't mean to butt in but, what do you all use to freeze them. Is there any great molds out there? Can't wait to see more recipes, but looks like whatever goes.
We just made some this morning. We used frozen strawberries, frozen raspberries, a little milk, a little OJ, a banana, and vanilla yogurt. Blended all together, put into molds and, voila- popsicles.

The time before this I actually used chamomile tea and a touch of honey. My ds loved them. Other times I just use fruit juice- it all depends on how many he intends on eating :LOL as well as what we have on hand.

As for where we found popsicle molds, we stumbled upon them in a dollar discount bin on the way out of the grocery store. Generic brand. I don't like the ones we have, but they get the job done. You can always use Dixie cups (the small bathroom ones) and get wooden sticks from a craft shop, make popsicles in them and, when frozen, peel the cup off. At least until you are able to get some molds.
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