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Portland Family Drum Circle, August 18

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*~*~*~* Family Drum Circle *~*~*~*

Friday, August 18, 2006
7:00pm - 9:00pm

All ages and levels are welcome.
Please bring any drums or percussion toys you have
and a light snack or drink to share.

This will be a fun and casual drum circle, yet still spiritual in nature.
Our vision is to have a safe place where parents can truly experience drum circle energy worry free and involve their children in the joy of rhythm.
We will have an opening circle shorly after 7 and drum until about 8:30,
after which we will share some social time and refreshments.
We also have a play room, and the children will be free to come and go from the circle as they please.

Location: Tanasbourne area of Beaverton - please PM or email me if you have questions or to RSVP and get directions.
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So sad I'm gonna miss it ... we can drop off my drum for you if you'd like.
Nah, I can come and get it. Read my last email if you haven't yet.
Bump to first page just in case there is anybody else interested that missed it.
we are going to try really hard to make it tonight. We will bring an extra drum and a kids drum and some other stuff if we make it. I will wear Nora a little ways away from the noise and won't drum, hence the extra drum being available.

I have your address, Lisa, from the last time that we didn't make it. And I think I looked at it when we were house hunting, i know you recently moved so I think it must be the same one on that street that we looked at!
Brian did not go into work today - so we can all come and don't need a ride!!!

We are excited!
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Yay and yay. I already PM'd you Steph, so just ignore that.

That is so funny Kate. Did you actually look inside? It is alot different now! Although there is so much more we want to do. Alas, if we only had the money.
I don't think it was worth what they orignally wanted because of all it needs, but we got it on the first day they dropped it a substantial amount. I think we are going to take an equity loan at some point to do alot of awesome things.
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Lisa, so sorry we flaked again. Its hard to get dh motivated after a long week at work. I think I did go inside your house. I mapped it and I remember the cul de sac. Is it a blue split level with nice trees in the back?
lisa: sorry we didn't make it either. bill was feeling like a homebody tonight after putting out fires all day at work (their server crashed last night and then he was still finetuning things today to get them working, which finally worked at like 430 this afternoon) and my late in the day tiredness and uncomfortableness didn't make me exceptionally motivated to convince him that we should come. marek was really into drumming on his toy drum this afternoon, though, so i wonder if he was preparing...

provided baby doesn't decide to show up before the next one, we will be there. and poo on ron not wanting to come on sunday.
hope we see you and orion there for a little bit anyway, and have fun at the LLL picnic!

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THANK YOU SO MUCH LISA! We all had so much fun, just like last time!!!

The three boys played together so well, and I had a great time playing with them. Sorry that we all left Orion's room a bit ramshackled
I intended on picking up before we left, but after transitioning to the basement and back I totally forgot!

But yeah - we had a blast! Your home is so cute and comfortable, and the atmosphere of your get togethers is very inviting and good-vibe. It is great to see my husband excited about a gathering, and leaving it in smiles instead of post-boredom. Shoot - the man played hookie just to be able to attend

Zion loved coming over, and had fun playing with your son and making a new friend. He liked the juices and the tunnel tents and the clickers-n-shakers... and had fun dancing and running in circles. He also wanted me to let you know that he likes playing with your dog when the circle is over. Oh - and thanks for the bubble wrap. He is so excited about it that I would not be shocked it he sleeps with it tonight ... :| If I wake up to snap, crackle, and pops in the bed tonight, I will think fond thoughts of you

Big bow down to you for starting this monthly meet up. It is such a good idea and seems to be a total hit so far. We have enjoyed it VERY much. Zion tells everyone he meets and knows that "third Friday of every month is DRUM CIRCLE!"...

Anyway - we really appriciate you opening your home and your energy to us and everyone else.
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No problem! You guys both have good excuses on your own without even blaming it on your dh's! We had a small group, but it was still really fun. Embers brought this kick a** quesadillaish thing that made me feel not so guilty about not getting dinner in Orion before people came.

Claudia, that is so cute about Marek. I think kids do know so much more than we give them credit for. When I brought Jenn's drum in that she let us borrow, Orion went right over and patted it and said, "This is Jenn's". He freaks me out sometimes. In a good way. But since baby Maia was here at two months, I expect you here by then.
Totally kidding. I think I may talk Ron into switching potlucks. He and Brian are forming quite a bond.

Kate, that is so funny! You totally have to come over now at some point! We totally bought it for the backyard. We still just look at the trees in awe. I feel like I am on vacation in a cabin in the woods sometimes. But do you remember how awful the inside was...? We have fixed some things, but there is still alot to do.

Haha, I just saw that you posted Steph. I hadn't seen it when I hit reply. Zion is always a pleasure. It was great to see you again and I was really interested to hear what you had to say about the evil Umbrella Factory. You totally need to post it in that thread you made. Wait til you read it Claudia. And I got to also hear it in Zion's own words!

Hope to see you all Sunday!
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