Posh Pushers hopes to change the way that expecting moms feel when giving birth.
Pregnancy is not an illness, but it can certainly feel that way when the nurse hands you a typical hospital gown upon your arrival. Posh Pushers hopes to change the way that expecting moms feel when giving birth.

Giving birth is often a joyous and special time in a woman's life. While excited, many women also admit to feeling incredibly vulnerable at this time. Labor often takes on a life of its own, leaving some birthing moms with few choices. What if she could choose what she wore in the hospital?

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Labor and delivery nurses, Kim Roemer and Emily Campbell, wanted to make that happen. As patient advocates, these two nursing colleagues wanted to ensure that women feel celebrated during this special time in their lives.

Many expectant moms request to bring their own nightgown to wear while birthing in the hospital. Unfortunately, standard nightgowns are not particularly functional for giving birth. Standard gowns lack access to the mother's back for an epidural, they do not offer snaps to easily hook up IVs, and they do not allow for access to a fetal heart monitor around the abdomen.

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Posh Pushers - Labor Gowns by Labor Nurses was created in 2011 when the two friends began individually sewing each gown at their kitchen tables. Six years later the gowns have grown in popularity and are manufactured outside the home.

The 100% cotton Posh Pusher gowns are made with unique, stylish designs that help a mom to look her best, all while still feeling comfortable. From the bright pink "Darby" with white polka dots to the whimsical "Emerson", each gown comes with a white ribbon that strategically ties right above the baby bump.

Giving birth is a time for celebration, and Posh Pushers certainly helps make it feel that way!