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Positive experience NIP

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I can honestly say that I can't remember ever having a negative experience NIP. I nursed DD and now the twins and I NIP everywhere. Especially with my Glamourmom tops I have no hesitation nursing wherever the babies are hungry, including church, on a plane, in the mall, at a restaurant table. Can't think of a place I wouldn't nurse except for a public restroom.

But today I actually had a positive experience, in that other women, complete strangers, acted as if it were completely normal and great that I was nursing. We went into our local ice cream parlor and I was sitting at one of the small tables nursing DS while DH went to the counter with both DD's to order our ice cream. The female owner and another clerk were making a fuss over DD who was crying. The owner looked over at me smiling and asked my DH "Is she nursing?" He said Yes and she responded something to the effect of "Well this one (my DD) is jealous. She knows where the stuff she likes is!" and laughed. Then she asked me in a nice way if I ever was able to nurse them together and DH and I told her that I used to when they were smaller but not anymore. It was just a small thing but it was nice the way she acknowledged that I was nursing in her shop and made me feel totally comfortable. She has 5 kids so I am assuming that she nursed them. Oh well. Small victories.
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I love to hear stories like that. I've mostly had positive NIP experiences, too. I had kind of a cool experience a few year ago in Texas no less. I used to have a sticker on my car that said, "Breastfeeding: Ecology with Love." This woman from my MIL's church came in, asked me if it was mine (I was nursing ds at the time), and made a really positive comment about it. It was really cool.
I've also had some positive NIP experiences this week. Ever since my DS turned 1, my family (especially my mom) has been on my case about weaning him, so I'm so paranoid about everyone else around me being the same. Recently, I nursed him in a bank and the teller said "that's so great, my daughter nursed her child till he was three, everytime she sat down he asked for it, it was really sweet". Then yesterday I was buying plane tickets for a trip we're taking this spring and I was asked if I needed a meal for the baby, or at least some milk. And I said no, I'm nursing, and the lady said, "that's so great, I nursed my kid for 13 months and it was so practical".

Yesterday a good friend of ours was over, he's a young single guy, and he totally blew me away that he thought it was really cool that I was still nursing and how of course kids should wean on their own.

Now if my own mother could only share in these beliefs. But neither the WHO recommendations nor the "bean dip" strategy work with her. She's a super tough cookie for a lactivist, guess I'm a lucky gal to have her, eh? Good thing she lives 2000 miles away!
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This is a really cool thread!! Any more experiances??
DS just weaned at 20 months, and I have never had any problems NIP, nor any remarkable positive experiences. The story I have is about a professor of mine. I am finishing my PhD at UConn and we are having a huge baby boom in our department. The department (psychology) is very pro BF. In fact, one of our professors leads our weekly research meetings with her 3 mo daughter nursing the whole time. It is such an inspiration for the other moms in the room, and I really hope that the undergrads and single grad students who seem to feel a little uncomfortable at times with her actions are able to look back when they are nursing their own babes and feel empowered by her strong presence. She makes it look so natural, graceful, and beautiful as she simultaneously cares for her little girl and explains the latest research on language development in autism and its effect on the brain. I thanked her after the first time she did this, both for myself, and for the other young women and men in the room who can look to her as a role model and will hopfeully see breastfeeding as the truly normal act that it is.
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