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Positive Messaging Thread <inverse of my vent thread>

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I need this tonight.... you type out to the universe, baby, dh, work, whatever, what it is you want to have happen..... the idea is that putting the idea out there helps it come true.

I really need this tonight. Oh, I already said that. Heehee.

Dearest Darling Child of Mine,

Mommy really needs you to turn back Head Down tonight. I know you can do it because I know you were head down last night at 930 when you had hiccups...

Mommy is now officially done with work... I know that makes you happy! I think you were trying to comfort me because work was sucking, but it's all over now! So, we can both be happy and relaxed, and you can turn back head down, and you can be born whenever you like. AFTER you have turned back head down.

I love you so much!
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Sweet precious little one, please do come out and play. I know you are so scrunched up in there. If you come out, you can straighten your legs all you want and they wont be blocked by mommys ribs anymore! Ive got all kinds of soft fluffy diapers waiting and will provide you with all the mommas milk you want. Your brothers cant wait to meet you too and they have books they have picked out to read to you already. I promise you will have alot more fun out here then you are in there
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Dearest Darling Baby,

Please hang in there until closer to your due date. I know you are trying real hard to come out, but trust me when I tell you that it will be much easier on your if you stay put until 39-40 weeks.
Dear Baby,
Please come and meet your sister soon! Mommy can barely walk from being so huge and we are all so excited to see you! Please stay in a good position like you are so you and I can have an easier birth experience. I promise to do my very best to give you a safe, happy birth at home if you can work along with me to help you be born (hopefully soon

Dear Anna,
Thank you for being so darn cute and making me laugh all day. I can't imagine life without you (yes, I'm getting all hormonally teary eyed typing this
) and remind me all the time why I'm putting myself through this all again.
You have given me such purpose in life! Oh... and thank you for helping me push the laundry basket to the washer & dryer everyday. You are a great helper right now since I can't bend over or lift things!

Dear moosemommy's baby,
Please turn back head down and stay there. I know your mommy is very excited to meet you and while you being head up makes it easier to hear her voice...being head down makes it easier to come out soon and get to actually meet her!
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Sweet Baby Butterfly,

Mama, Dada & big brother are so excited and looking forward to meeting you. We trust you to know the best possible time to make your journey into the world and are ready for you whenever you want to come, we're happy to patiently wait or to meet you now

Please stay in the wonderful position you are in so you and I can work together to have our blissful home waterbirth.
We all love you so much already xxx

Mama, Dada & Big bro
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