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Positive NIP experience while flying

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Right before I left with my 9 1/2 month old son to fly out for my mother's wedding things were just starting to get heated up about The View and BW's comments about NIP while flying... so needless to say I was wondering what would happen when I nursed DS throughout the flight. DS has a tendency to want to nurse a LOT when he is in unfamiliar surroundings or if anything strange is going on. Well, the man who sat next to us on the plane couldn't have been more supportive or helpful throughout the whole trip! He told me his wife breastfed both of his sons (now 17 and 21) until the kids decided they were done. He told me it was great that I was able to nurse to help DS handle the cabin pressures... he set up my drink/snacks for me since my hands were full as well as got a bunch more snack packages for me to take with off the plane... he entertained DS throughout the flight and never batted an eye if DS pulled off abruptly while nursing to see what was going on and inadvertantly flashed some nipple.

I couldn't help but think of BW's comments, and now having come back to read about how she thinks in general men are uncomfortable with it, I just have to chuckle. :LOL
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That is great. Hopefully as more and more women breastfeed and more and more husbands, sons, etc. get used to it... this kind of experience will be more and more common.

I flew with my son 13 times before he was a year old and nursed him throughout every single flight. I didn't have anybody as overtly supportive as you did... nor did I have any problems with anyone.
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