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positive opk but no temp rise?

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does this mean o? DW has crazy cycles....they are long and irregular and we can't always tell if she has o'd. most often it seems like she doesn't. but, last month we thought she did on day 29 (of a 41 day cycle). this month, on day 28, she had lots of ewcm, took an opk, and we're pretty sure it was positive. the lines looked the same, with the test line PERHAPS 2% lighter than the one you compare it to. it was a target brand opk. but, her temps have still not risen. we're now on day 31. so................what do you think this means?

this is such a frustrating challenge. we use a known donor, so knowing our timing is really important (we used clomid last time and probably will again, but if we don't have to, we won't).

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Hi Megin, dose she have a chart i can look at and did she test with another OPK after she got the +?
no second test (ack!). we have a chart on ff -- how do i paste in the link?

OK. Chart should work here:

Now we don't quite understand why FF didn't give crosshairs. Is it because the coverline would be pretty high with those higher temps towards the beginning of the cycle?

The positive OPK was on day 28. And you can see it's been a tough month to get lots of temps -- a whole different story!

Any insight?

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could your dw have PCOS??

It is a hormonal imbalance often resulting in infertility due to not ovulating.

Physical symptoms include being overweight, especially having a lot of "stomach" fat as opposed to butt/thigh fat, having "skin tags" (like little moles, but usually skin colored, and flappy, they hang off of you), having excess hair, especially in "male" areas, like stomach/face, bad acne, irregular cycles, blood sugar issues.......any of this sound familiar?

This is only one cause of anovulation, but a serious one...

another thought is thyroid her skin very dry, brittle hair/nails, overweight/trouble losing weight, low body temps (i looked at the chart...her temps are sort of low..not so low they make me go WOW, surely a thyroid issue, but borderline low)

Looing at the charts...even if she did O..(and i don't really think she did), there was barely any good mucous......are you just doing ai or iui? Because even if there was an egg up there, i don't see how the guys could have gotten up there, withuot enough good mucous.....

I personally have pcos and hypothyroid, and a few other things, and spent 4 YEARS of my life ttc, and practically becoming a doctor in the process, i did so much research!!!!!!
I'm happy to help if you want to talk more...
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