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I just got back from Dani's Duds (a big children's consignment sale) and I got a playskool potty for $2!
As I'm looking this thing over I'm thinking "nice size, just like a baby bjorn, ooohh the top comes off for easy cleaning! Hmmm what's this little metal circle that has something that looks like a note in it?" I try pressing the circle and nothing happens so I figure it must be a bull's-eye for little boys or something.

So I get it home and as soon as Trinity wakes up from her nap we give it a try. Score! She poos on the first attempt!
She sits a while longer after the poo to make sure that she's done then all of the sudden I hear the tune "London Bride is falling down". She peed and that made the potty start to play! She thought it was the coolest thing, she started wiggling and doing her little wobbly-baby-dance to the music.
When she was done I took the potty apart to dump and rinse and the whole time it's still singing. Ok, so now I'm getting a little annoyed - how do I shut this silly thing off?
: Then I rinse it out with super hot water and it stops. So I think oh good! I set it down and go put a new diaper on the baby.

As I'm diapering her it starts to sing again! So I figure it's heat activated or something and as the temperature of the potty cooled down from the hot water, it reached whatever temp sets the thing off. Anyway, I thought I'd try running it under some cold water to shut it up but it kept playing!!!!!!!!! At this point I'm like AARRRGG!
So I bang the back of it with my hand and finally shuts up!

Does anyone else have a singing Playskool potty? What's the proper way to shut this thing off? Do I sprinkle it with Holy water and make the sign of the cross? "Keep thee BEHIND me demon potty!"
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