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Hello!! I haven't posted on this board much but used to read regularly as I was working full-time up until last November. Then I was laid off which I was really looking forward to...I wanted to be home and dh was ready to go back to work after 4.5 years at home with our son. I wanted to be more involved in ds's school (he's just finishing up K now - will be in grade on ein Sept.) which I've done.<br><br>
At this point in time I don't *need* to work for financial reasons - we'd be good for about another year. DH has been working as an Education Assistant with a school board and so doesn't know exactly what position he will have in September...he may end up being on the casual list which *could* mean he won't have full-time hours. So that is an uncertainty.<br><br>
For myself, I've already committed to two volunteer positions (because I didn't think I'd end up with paying work or if I did I wanted it very flexible and part-time), one at the school and one somewhere else. Both are very much in line with my line of work (library technician) and will look good on my resume not to mention volunteering at the school gets me even more involved there. With ds in grade one I will have more hours available (K is half day). I haven't actually started either of these volunteer positions but would feel terrible bowing out!<br><br>
So the thing that has come up is my friend's husband is a professor and he has a sabbatical next year so they are heading off to their home town for 9 months or so. Which means my friend is taking a leave of absence from her job and the possibility is there that I could fill in. It's exactly my line of work and would be great experience. She already works 4 days a week so it could/would be part-time. I, however, REALLY want to only work around my son's school hours. I don't really want to use any sort of daycare. So I"m going to try to negotiate hours. But I think that if I did get/take that job it won't leave me much if any time for the volunteering. I've had to really rethink my plans here! <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="lol"> But have decided that out of all the things I want to do, this position is the most important right now.<br><br>
The other possibility I have coming up is part-time work at the public library. I'm going for the test tomorrow and then will come an interview. I'm way overqualified for that work but since the most important thing for me right now is hours, that work would fit my schedule very well. I am not sure it's possible to do both paying jobs.<br><br>
Anyway, I'm just writing everything out here as it helps me think! I know no one will have a perfect answer for me but just wondering how others have fit everything in. I was really looking forward to being a mostly SAHM but when jobs (possibly) drop into my lap it is hard to say no (I've already done it for one job).<br><br>
Thanks for listening!
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