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Possible Chicken Pox? - Update, Dr doesn't know

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My 5 yo dd has dots that look very much like the pics of chicken pox that I've googled. It is not roseola, or measles or rubella. It isn't hives or an allergic reaction. I've googled every type of childhood rash I can think of (and google can think of) and the only thing it resembles is chicken pox. It has the papules look. Distinct red bumps that cover her torso, arms, upper part of her legs. They are not interconnected in any way and have no pattern. They are getting larger and kind of look like they have pus in them. It started out on her torso yesterday morning and has slowly moved down and slightly up (just a few on her face). They are not itchy at this point, she has no fever and does not feel ill. She is fully vaccinated (although on a different schedule than what is recommended) but has not had any shots for almost a year or so.

My question is, if it is chicken pox, what is the likelihood that my other two are contagious? My 14 yo and 3 yo ds are vaccinated (again on a slightly different schedule than is recommended). They have activities that they want to engage in this weekend but I don't want to expose anyone (especially my immune comprised father) to them. I'm keeping my dd home from dance class etc. just in case it is chickenpox but don't know what the protocol is for other members of the family. I've had chickenpox and we think my DH had a mild case as a child so I'm not worried about us. In fact, I'm not really worried if they all get them (although I'm hoping they don't), I just don't want to be the carrier family of a contagious disease.

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google molluscum contagiosum. We thought we might have CP here a couple weeks ago, but it was actually molluscum. The pediatrician said that they are very similar in the early stages.
Thanks for the suggestion. I googled it and it did kind of look like the early stages but not really anymore. They really looked like that yesterday but have grown since then. My dd's bumps are larger in size (area covered) than those. Also the web sites say that it cannot be on the palm of the hand and the sole of the feet and my dd has them on her palms and on the soles of her feet.

Never really seen this type of rash before and my family is a rashy bunch so it is weird. We deal with allergic reactions quite a bit, fifth's disease, roseola, hives, eczema on occastion, keratosis pilaris, etc. I'm not really worried about it except for the fact that my father is immune comprised (AIDS) and we have to be careful not to spread things.
We went into the local hospital urgent care clinic as I am a caregiver for my father and if we have chicken pox in our household, my father needs to get on antivirals ASAP. The Dr said there were indications that it was chicken pox, but he wasn't sure because the dots weren't quite big enough and she doesn't have any other signs of illness. He did say that it wasn't molluscum contagiosum, that it wasn't an allergic reaction, that it wasn't measles, roseola, hives, etc. He ruled out a lot of diseases BUT NOT CHICKEN POX. He basically said it wasn't bacterial (no duh) so he wouldn't give me antibiotics. At no time did I mention antibiotics. In fact, the last thing I think of when I see rash is antibiotics.

Seriously this is all I get from him? I got to that point with my googling. I needed him to tell me yes or no. He kept saying he just didn't know. He basically left it by saying that we just needed to wait a couple of days to see if more blistered or got larger. I asked about contagion and he said he didn't know. Just to wait a couple of days and see our family doctor next week.

I am so unimpressed with our local hospital system. Every time I go in they disappoint me further. We put a call into my father's infectious disease specialist so we'll see what he wants to do.
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