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Possible drop in supply at night?

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Hi ladies! I am new to the boards and hoping you might be able to provide me with some insight on a problem I've been having.

A little background on me...had breast reduction in 2000 with the pedicle technique. I am now the proud momma of a 5 week old little man. I have been extremely fortunate to be able to breast feed with minimal supplementation. Any supplementation he takes is at night and it is at most 2 oz. Lately, we've been fine through the night, but I seem to be having a slight drop in supply at his before bedtime feeding. Last night, he nursed for ~40 minutes and got let downs on each side. He seemed sleepy, but was up within a few minutes seemingly starved! He devoured the 3.5 oz I had pumped during the day. I am able to nurse all day without supplementing and he is gaining weight with the appropriate "output."

I have been drinking 3-4 glasses of mother's milk tea. I drink a glass about an hour before we nurse and I also take a warm shower right before...trying to do the most I can to get him the maximum milk before bed.

Has anyone experienced this? I was considering perhaps picking up some Fenugreek. Is there anything else I can do? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!!
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It is normal to produce less milk at night. It is just the ebb and flow of milk making hormones. If you supplement at night it will tell your boobs to produce less milk. Try allowing the baby to cluster nurse and see if the baby is satiated. There is also a 6 week growth spurt and the baby will nurse frequently for a few days for your supply to catch up. Many babies also cluster feed in the evenings, meaning that they nurse frequently in close together spurts.

Do you cosleep?
Prolactin levels are highest in the early morning, so if you feed more in the late night/early morning you may seen an overall increase. Also, if you co-sleep, you may be able to nurse him more frequently, more comfortably, which can help boost your supply and help satiate him. I would consider going to bed early with him (not sure when you put him down), and having a sort of evening "nurse-in" for a day or two (perhaps over the weekend?)
We use an Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper. We tried co-sleeping, but my husband isn't as in tune to the babe as I am and it made me VERY nervous.

We put him down last night at 10 (after nursing). He was up at 12, 2, and 5. When we do supplement at night, it's after he's pulled himself off from nursing and it's a small amount to "top off the tank." I might try the demand nursing this weekend. It's a little easier over the weekends so my hubby can hang out with the babe while I catch up on some sleep.

He definitely recently had a growth spurt. About a week ago, he nursed it seemed every 20 minutes for about 8 hours. He has slowed down and I notice my let downs are a bit stronger now.

THanks for the suggestions!
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