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Possible DVT, seeking advice..

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Hi all....

I'm about 16 weeks pregnant (and gave birth about 10 months ago as well), and am wondering if I may have a blood clot in my calf. I've had some really minor calf pain for, jeez, probably months now, but always blew it off. It's become more noticeable since last night, and I had a period of minor numbness below the area of the pain earlier today. No other symptoms. The stretching maneuver did elicit a teeny bit of pain once, but otherwise nothing.

I was a paramedic back in the day and know that this is nothing to fool around with if it is indeed a clot...but I'm torn as to whether or not I should go to the ER. I made an appointment with our family doc for day after tomorrow. I know I'll be anxious until then, but my hubby is out of town until tomorrow and I don't really have anyone who can easily keep my daughter. It isn't a huge deal, but I also don't want an enormous ER bill when my doc can order the same tests for far less. I tend not to get too freaked out about stuff, but I know that pulmonary embolus is pretty wicked. I don't want to be stupid, either, you know?

Any thoughts? What would you do? Has anyone here had a DVT before? I live less than half a mile from the ER here...if something truly became problematic, I'd be there in a pinch. But but but but...

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I would not even risk waiting two more hours. DVT can be fatal to the baby you are carrying if it breaks loose and travels to an artery in the placenta. Of course, you know it can be fatal to you too.
It may be a pain to get someone to look out for your daughter but well worth it in this case. The results of not determining and treating can be devestating!
I agree that its not something to mess around with. I had a DVT - not pregnant....but I know when I went to the hospital concerned that it had moved, they did nothing but pretty much what you described - stretching, feeling around, asking questions about pain and numbess and sent me home. For me, it was more beneficial to see my dr. (I went to the clinic where he worked without an appointment and explained what was going on) He saw me, and wrote out a paper for an ultrasound and I got one right away - that would be my suggestion...

I have dvt. Mine was because of my placenta previa which by the time they discovered that I had placenta previa I had to have an emergency c-section. It started out like yours with a minor pain in the calf. I thought it was just a charlie horse and blew it off. By the time I called my dr. he scheduled a us for my leg. You should do the same right away. This happened a couple weeks after I had my ds and my dh had just flown out of town. It was hard leaving my baby with a sitter but well worthed it. Since then I've had the shots (lovenox) and now I'm on coumadin both of which are meds okay to breast feed with so I'm assuming they'd be okay to take if you did have a clot but I'm not sure though. If you don't have a clot your dr. might give you meds to avoid having one either way I'd check with your dr. GL
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Thanks for the feedback...

I ended up not going to the ER, though I did pack a 'just in case' diaper bag and what not! My gut just didn't scream to go, you know? But I was able to get into my family doc a day earlier, had an ultrasound of my leg. They really did a thorough job, but saw no clots...right at the area of my tenderness, they could see that the vein was dilated. Big *whew*!
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