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DS had a slight fever Sunday night - 99.5 under arm, and was tired and cranky all day Monday with a runny nose and coughing, but no temperature. Monday evening he had a temperature again 101.0 under arm although he was not as fussy overnight and this morning the temperature was normal again. We took him to the doctor and she said his lungs are clear, he does not appear to have much drainiage from his nose, but that his one ear looks like an infection could be brewing (ear is red and irritated looking.)

Doctor feels comfortable waiting another day (so we are still within the 48-72 hour window) and will follow up with us tommorow. She said either he will get better or he will get much worse. If he is still sick she may call in antibiotics for the ear.

I have a feeling DS is on the mend, would you try breastmilk in the ear tonight or just wait and see? How exactly do you get the breastmilk into the ear?

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This is a copy of a recent post of mine regarding ear infections and immune system.


Diary intolerance is the number one cause of fluid build up in ears.

"In one study an astonishing 86% of the children tested became free of ear problems once they came off dairy food."

Additionally, I was just reading that chiropractic adjustments could help with ear infections. I didn't know.

Breast milk in the ear or garlic oil is supposed to help too.

Also, add vitamin C and whole food probiotics, such as yogurt for the immune system.

"In an October study in the medical journal The Lancet, researchers found that antibiotics for ear infections are only beneficial to children under the age of 2 with both ears infected. Study leader Dr. Maroeska Rovers, of the University Medical Center Utrecht in the Netherlands, said that researchers found that in most other cases, watchful waiting is OK."

"Evidence has been building over the years showing most ear infections resolve on their own and antibiotics do little or nothing to speed the process. And, overuse of antibiotics leads to antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria. The most important factor in treatment for ear infections is pain relief."

A landmark study published in Pediatrics has shown that treating ear infections with antibiotics has no benefit when compared to doing nothing. (McCormick 2005).

My recommendation is classical homeopathy.
A friend's daughter had six rounds of antibiotics for ear infections and was scheduled for tube insertion. She saw the homeopath and gave her daughter the proscribed remedy. On return to the physician prior to the surgery, her ears were no longer infected. And she has had no ear infections since.

Our classical homeopathist first learned about homeopathy for her son with ear infections. Then she became schooled about homeopathy. I am a complete believer. Although, I still do not understand how it works. We are all on constitutional remedies and are rarely ever sick.

Another suggestion is Grapefruit Seed Extract. (Not grape seed.) GSE is also a natural anti-inflammatory. It is give orally, diluted in water. It tastes horrible though.

Here are some more ideas:
Garlic is a natural antibiotic.
Collodial silver is a natural antibiotic.
Vit C-large doses (natural fever reducer, iirc)
Cod liver oil- essential fatty acids help the immune system (We use Nordic Naturals -strawberry and our son loves it!)
Chamommilla is good for restlessness, discomfort, insomnia, unbearable pain; fever; child is impatient and angry.
Zinc to help the immune system
Echinecea- We use Sambucol for Kids
Probiotics- for immune support, digestive system is 70% of immune system. Many of the serious side effects of cp are associated with a damaged gut, secondary to antibiotic use. Avoid antibiotics with cp and other viral illnesses.

And Dairy is the #1 culprit of fluid and mucus production leading to an environment conducive to ear infections.

Here is some info about homeopathic remedies (and treating ear infections).

* Aconite: Pain that comes on suddenly after a shock or chill.

* Belladonna: Severe throbbing pain; child is oversensitive and cranky.

* Chamomilla: Unbearable pain; fever; child is impatient and angry.

* Lycopodium: Pain on right side only; stopped-up nose; cold extremities.

* Magnesia phosphorica (or "homeopathic aspirin"): Pain reduced by the application of heat or pressure.

* Mercurius solubilis: Pain accompanied by swollen glands and sweating.
I would do whole food probiotics, cod liver oil, magnesium, vit. C, zinc, coconut oil, bone broths, green juices. Support the immune system. The gut is 70% of our immune system. Antibiotics damage the microbial balance in the gut.

Basically, you have to heal the gut to strengthen the immune system. Check out the "Healing the Gut-cheat sheet" at the top of the forum.

Antibiotics rarely address ear infections, which are generally viral in origin. Nor are they more effective than watchful waiting, unless it is a double ear infection in a child younger than age 2.

Here is more information regarding avoiding drug-resistant bacteria: Basically, UNNECESSARY antibiotics are the cause, not avoiding antibiotics when NOT needed.



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I just want to clarify that breastmilk does NOT count as a "dairy product" for the purpose of "avoiding dairy to help with allergies/congestion/etc."

Avoiding dairy means not feeding any cow's milk products to the baby, and preferably avoiding them in the nursing mom's diet as well. I'm really not sure where goat or sheep milk products fit in here- some people find that they don't cause congestion the way cow's milk products do, others find that any non-human milk is problematic.

Personally, I would avoid antibiotics for a child unless there was a clear indication that they were needed. If the illness isn't bacterial, antibiotics will do nothing. Even if the illness IS bacterial in origin, I'd still hold off on antibiotics unless it was clear that the body's immune system was overwhelmed and couldn't clear the infection on its own. From what you've described of your son's symptoms, I don't think antibiotics are needed (unless he's taken a dramatic turn for the worse since you've posted.)

To get breastmilk in the ear, you could either express some directly into his ear (I've gotten milk in the ears accidentally when a baby turned her head in the middle of a feeding!) or you can pump or express some into a container of some sorts (bowl, cup, bottle that fits into your breast pump) and then use a medicine dropper or oral syringe to put a few drops in the baby's ear.

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ITA with the op's......DD2 had the start of an ear infection and the dr. gave me a scrip for an antibiotic just incase because it was a Friday but I did one dose of Colloidal Silver in her ear and it was better the next day. Garlic and Mullein oil are also a very good combo for ear infections.
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