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Possible Fever During Early Pregnancy

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I hope someone here can help me. (I honestly think I just Google too much and am a little paranoid.)

When I was around five weeks pregnant, I was sick with a virus. (I know it was in the time period the neural tube would've been closing.) I didn't know I was actually sick. I thought the chills and yucky feeling were from just being pregnant as I was having extreme fatigue and morning sickness with this baby anyways, which I had never experienced before this pregnancy. (I had been having chills normally too, so I really thought nothing of it.) Well, the Thursday of that week my dad came to help me with my DDs. He finally said he was taking the girls home with him so I could get some rest and get to feeling better. He brought my girls back to me Sunday. Guess what? They were sick and had fevers going up to 104*. Their experience with it was a little different than mine. For example, they were vomiting with it whereas I didn't. I just really never thought of taking my temp the whole time. I just thought I was pregnant and "run down" from taking care of my 4 yr old and 2 yr old.

So, my problem now is anxiety. I am increasingly anxious to know if this affected my baby. I had an u/s at a local ER at 13 weeks because I was cramping (but no spotting or bleeding). All of the baby's measurements were on target and/or a few days ahead. The radiologist there said everything looked good. I had my second OB appointment today. At my first, she was reassuring. At this appointment, not so much. She said more or less everything appearing okay on the 13 week ultrasound didn't confirm there isn't a neural tube defect.
I don't know if it's because her office didn't perform the u/s or what. But still. I need the truth, but some reassurance so I can rest too. So, I guess I'm asking what are my chances something could've happened? The things I find online don't seem realistic. I'm a young mom (turning 24 years old) and have two incredibly healthy daughters. I have a month to go until my anatomy scan on May 20th. And if it's to any avail, I don't have any "feelings" something isn't right, but of course I'm trying to ease my mind at the same time.

Thank you in advance for your answers if you have any. Personal experiences are welcome too!
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I know how mind-obsessive worrying about a baby you can't see is, but I would try to relax for the sake of your baby.

1) You don't KNOW you had the same thing as your girls. Kids get sick often, and a parent doesn't always catch it. You MAY have simply been feeling the effects of early pregnancy.

2) Take comfort from the fact that the US's DIDN'T show any unnormal conditions. My mom always tells me "Wait to worry." (Especially if nothing is telling you something's wrong.)
Worrying won't do anything for you now, KWIM?

3) If I were in your shoes, a neural tube defect would have no affect on my pregnancy. I would continue to carry the baby, deliver, and care for him/her as I do my other children. IOW, I would not consider terminating the pregnancy. If you feel the same way, your worrying REALLY is not doing any good.

There was a good chance that I was exposed to Rubella when I was 5 weeks pregnant with my last baby. I didn't know until several weeks later, when the damage would have already been done. Because a defect or abnormality wouldn't change my determination to carry my baby, I had to hope for the best possible outcome....and I got it! A perfect baby girl.

Take a deep breath, relax, and love that little life inside you. You have time to rest before May 20th.
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I really know I shouldn't worry until I have something to worry about. My first OB appointment my OB reassured me so much everything was perfect by most chances. Now today, not so much. So it freaked me out. And now, I'm searching for realistic numbers versus what I have found online. Btw, when would neural tube defects be visible via ultrasound?

I'm pretty sure the girls had the same thing I did, as I seemingly got it first and then they got it a couple days later. I know medicines didn't seem to help any until right at the end. So i didn't bother as I thought it was just the pregnancy.

I've went through so much with this pregnancy so far emotionally. Even though the pregnancy was very planned, at first I kinda resented it. Or not resented per se. But was extremely worried about how different having three would be from having two. Now, I'm completely in love with the baby. I can't wait for each OB appointment to hear the heartbeat. I get giddy like a school girl.

Honestly, if something should have ever worried me more, it was smoking during previous pregnancies. I didn't have the mindset I should have to quit smoking. Luckily with this one I quit months before even conceiving. I wanted to do everything right this time around for the healthiest baby possible. It just seems more likely to me to have a baby with a defect from smoking than a possible fever.
But I'm not a doctor either.

In regards to termination, I'm not sure I would. If it was a severe defect that would result in stillbirth or the baby only living at most a few hours after birth, or even a few days, I might to keep the baby from suffering. But it would be unbearable for me, especially getting this far into things. I've even started buying neutral stuff for the baby and it's so hard not to shop more for him/her. Shopping during pregnancy seems to be my way of attachment. Lol.

My mother's intuition isn't great, but I did know, or feel like, days before getting my BFP I was probably pregnant. When it finally got to be time to test 5 days before AF was due, I couldn't believe it was negative. But lo and behold, 2 days later I got my BFP. So I have been right on that. Here's to hoping I'm right on just being a paranoid worried mama and everything's a-okay!
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