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Possible Household Mold Issues

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Hello everyone, I have been suffering from allergies quite a bit this season, more than last year, I have asthma too (growing up with 2 smokers will do that to you
) My DD has not been bothered ...yet, but I'm concerned by how damp our home is compared to last year and am worried we are growing or harboring mold somewhere unseen. I know our window seals are bad because a few of them have mildew on the sills and frame but I'm not sure if there is a larger problem elsewhere. We do have ahumidifier in the basement but it just doesn't seem to be able to keep up. Anyone know if there a way or a company that can do mold testing in a home? I really don't want my DD to be affected and possibly develope Asthma as well. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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Subscribing, bc I am very interested in this too.
Yes, there are companies who test for mold. I don't really know how you'd find one, but I know people in my area that have had their homes/businesses tested. Maybe look in the yellow pages, maybe under home inspection or something like that?
We had a little mold a couple of years ago. So now in the summer months, we have two LARGE floor fans at the entrance of the entry space to underneath our house. We run them 24/7 to keep the air moving and for mold prevention. We have a terminix guy come to inspect once/year and he suggested we do this. He crawls underneath there and has been really nice to let us know of any far this has been it. Maybe this would work for you!
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