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Possible rxn to Bubbies pickles?

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DD was eating a dill pickle this afternoon and I noticed her chin looked a little red. Looked closer and there was a raised welt about 1/4 inch across, looked just like a mosquito bite, and faded after 5 minutes or so. She had been snacking on a few different things, so to confirm it was the pickle I rubbed some more juice on her chin after it had faded, and it came back (bump in the same exact spot and all). Would you consider this an allergic reaction? She has eaten Bubbies pickles tons of times before with no issues (although it's possible that I've just missed the short-lasting chin redness in the past). My initial reaction, of course, was that it was a hive, but now I am doubting that. She has never had any remotely hive-like reaction up to this point, although her exposure to allergenic foods has been pretty minimal.

Anyone know what kinds of spices are in Bubbies? The label just says "spices".
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I won't try the bubbies pickles even though I love the saur kraut because I think there is something from the nightshade family in them and my dd reacts horribly with an instant hives and later eczema to nightshade.

[QUOTE="Jennemiah, post: 13898940, member: 111103"
Anyone know what kinds of spices are in Bubbies? The label just says "spices".

For future readers - Bubbie's products that include the term "spices" in their ingredients list unfortunately DO contain nightshades (per their website).
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